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Shanling M6 Ultra Product Information - Portable M6 Ultra Hi-Res Android Player Shanling M6...
Product information "Shanling M6 Ultra"

Shanling M6 Ultra

Product Information - Portable M6 Ultra Hi-Res Android Player

Shanling M6 Ultra - excellent audio quality on the go and at home

With the portable High Res Audio Player from Shanling, first-class audio experiences are pre-programmed. The modern designed player combines a high-quality workmanship and technical novelties with numerous useful features. It is especially interesting for demanding users who want to listen to audio files in extremely good quality and attach importance to intuitive usability. It is the update of the previous Shanling model M6 Pro and, unlike it, it offers many upgrades.

The advantages of the Shanling M6 Ultra Hi Res Audio Player at a glance

The M6 Ultra Digital Audio Player incorporates the latest, most powerful technical components to provide users with an exceptionally fine acoustic experience. The High Res Player can boast the following highlights:

- Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU - for fast and smooth performance.

- 4GByte RAM

- 64 Gbyte memory - expansion via memory card is possible

- Google Android 10 operating system - apps can be easily installed via the Google Play Store

- Connectivity through Bluetooth, USB-C and WiFi possible


Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU for smooth usability

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 is installed inside the Shanling M6 Ultra Player. The processor meets demands in the premium segment and ensures a smooth performance. Whether during audio playback or scrolling through the menu and media library - this high-performance processor stands for pleasant, smooth use.

Connection to the player via WiFi, USB and Bluetooth

If the modern Shanling M6 Ultra player is to be connected to external devices, there is a choice between WiFi, USB-C and Bluetooth. So, if you want to access the device from the outside, you have a good selection of options to do so. For example, the M6 Ultra Player easily connects to the local Wi-Fi network or receives data from the smartphone.

High Speed Connection for fast access

Thanks to the built-in Qualcomm WCN3980 wireless module - supporting 2.4G/5G WiFi and MIMO - the M6 Ultra Player offers a fast and consistent Internet connection. Users can therefore look forward to the purest audio enjoyment at high speed.

Broadly positioned in home streaming

The digital media player supports various home streaming options:



- Airplay

Thus, it easily integrates into the existing Hi-Fi system of its users.

Google Android 10 - intuitive usability

As far as the hardware is concerned, Shanling relies on Android 10 as the operating system for its digital audio player. This is characterized by an uncomplicated and, above all, simple operability. Users benefit from the logical functionality of the system and can fully concentrate on enjoying the music.

Numerous apps can be installed via the Google Play Store.

Large touchscreen for visual enjoyment

Not only acoustically does the M6 Ultra Player offer pleasure at the very highest level in the premium sector. The device is also visually impressive. A large touchscreen - 5 inches 1080 x 1920 - ensures excellent usability. Users thus have the player's features under control at all times and can manage them without any effort.

D/A converter - a highlight of the M6 Ultra Player

The Shanling M6 Ultra Player is distinguished by the installation of no less than four AKM AK4493SEQ DACs, which are part of the authentic Quad DAC design. Thanks to these high-quality components, all common data formats can be supported. These include MQA, PCM and DSD. Included Accessories The Shanling M6 Ultra player comes with state-of-the-art accessories, providing its users with everything needed for the ultimate listening experience.

Included in the package are the following products:

A USB cable (USB-C to USB-A).

2x screen protectors

Those who opt for the Shanling M6 Ultra Player thus have the most important accessories at hand right away and can immediately start enjoying the finest audio.

Certified by the Japan Audio

Society customers benefit from a double certification of the digital audio player. The product received the "Hi-Res Audio" and "High-Res Wireless Audio" certification from the Japan Audio Society.

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Spezifikationen: Abmessungen – 127 x 77 x 18 mm Gewicht – 263 g...


Abmessungen – 127 x 77 x 18 mm

Gewicht – 263 g

Anzeige – 5 Zoll 1920 * 1080

Betriebssystem – Android 10

Prozessor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

Speicher – Ram 4 GB, ROM 64 GB + einzelner Micro-SD-Kartensteckplatz

Hi-Res-Unterstützung – 32/768 & DSD512 & MQA 16X

Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0, Senden: LDAC, aptX HD, aptX, SBC // Empfangen: LDAC, SBC

Wi-Fi – 2.4G/5G, unterstützt DLNA, Airplay

DAC – 4x AKM AK4493SEQ

Analogschaltung – OPA1612 + OPA2211 + LTA8092 + BUF634A

Ausgangsleistung – unsymmetrisch 240 mW bei 32 Ohm // 720 mW bei 32 Ohm symmetrisch

Ausgang – 3,5 mm unsymmetrisch und 4,4 mm symmetrisch

Ausgangsimpedanz - Weniger als 1 Ohm an beiden Ausgängen

Akku – 5650 mAh, unterstützt 18 W QC3.0

Akkulaufzeit – Bis zu 13,5 Stunden bei Single-Ended und 9 Stunden bei Balanced

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