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Product information "Shanling EA5"

Shanling EA5 Desktop Streamer – All-In-One Music Central

  • AMK AK4493EQ DAC
  • CPAF Low-Pass Filtering
  • Closed Android System
  • AGLO Technology
  • 6.35mm Headphone Output
  • Speaker Output 50 Watt @4Ohm per Channel

Shanling EA5 – Independent Streaming Century

Running deeply customized closed Android system, Shanling EA5 serves as a standalone music system. No need for computer or complicated setting up, just direct access to your music collection and streaming services.

Supported services:

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Qobus
  • Amazon Music

Key Design Elements

Deeply black body combining glass and aluminium, gold plated wheel for the touch of luxury, 4.7 Inch touch screen for easy control over your music and a circuit diagram for the Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

Powering Speakers

Shanling EA5 adds a dedicated class-D speaker amplifier from Abletec. This amplifier offers 2 x 50W @ 4 ohm output power, making it a matching solution for any bookshelf speaker and the smaller or more sensitive floor standing speakers.

Shanling House Sound

To provide you with our typical smooth and natural sound, we carefully picked a classic AKM AK4493EQ DAC chip for EA5. Combined with a high-quality power supply and our 33 years of experience, you will enjoy beautifully delicate and richly warm sound.

Dedicated Headphone Amplifier

Based upon our well proven audio architecture, EA5 got a newly designed headphone amplifier circuit, assuring low distortion, perfect control and impressive power output.

2.4G and 5G Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Enjoy faster transfer speeds, reduced interferences and smoother streaming with support of the 5G Wi-Fi.

Connect Over Bleutooth

Shanling EA5 offers two-way Bluetooth connectivity, so it can be used as a Bluetooth DAC for an easy music streaming directly from your phone. And it will also serve for the moment when you would like to connect some Bluetooth headphones or speakers

Transmitter support LDAC, LHDC, aptX HD, aptX, SBC

Receiver support LDAC, SBC

Ready for Streaming

Apart from build-in streaming apps, Shanling EA5 can be also used in your local network. Utilizing Airplay, DLNA or connecting to your NAS server.

Companion App

Shanlings Eddict Player App (available for Android and iOS) allows you to take a complete control over the EA5 from your smartphone or tablet. Offering a complete display mirroring, giving you access to all features of the EA5 from comfort of your char.

Easily fit any system

Shanling EA5 combines so many different functions, it can fit into pretty much any home audio system. Swichting quickly from headphones to speakers, running on its own or as a DAC with your computer or CD player, streaming from Tidal of from your local NAS. So many possibilities in one unit.

Inputs: USB for DAC / USB for external Disk / Optical / Coaxial / Wired Network / Analog / Bluetooth

Outputs: Analog / Speakers / Bluetooth

MQA Compatible

EA5 support 8x MQA playback from locally stored files, streaming apps and over USB input.


    System : Closed customised Android with integrated streaming apps.
    Display : Touch screen 4.7 inch 720p
    Dimensions: 238 x 188 x 55 mm


    6.35 mm single ended for headphones and standard speaker connection
    Preamplifier output: RCA
    Digital input: USB, coaxial, optical, LAN and USB slot for external drivers
    Analogue input: RCA

Output Power:

    Headphones 6.35 mm - 570 mW at 32 ohms
    Speakers - 50 W at 4 ohms / 32 W at 8 ohms per channel
Wireless connectivity:

    WLAN 2.4 & 5G
    Supports DLNA and Airplay
    Two-way Bluetooth 4.2 with LDAC support

Audio support:

    PCM 32/768
    DSD256 native, DSD512 software
    8x MQA
    Abletec ALC0100 Class-D for speakers

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Spezifikationen: System : Geschlossenes angepasstes Android mit integrierten...


  • System : Geschlossenes angepasstes Android mit integrierten Streaming-Apps
  • Anzeige: Berühren Sie 4,7 Zoll 720p
  • Abmessungen: 238 x 188 x 55 mm

Analoge Schaltung:

  • AKM AK4493 DAC

  • TPA6120A2 für Kopfhörer

  • Abletec ALC0100 Class-D für Lautsprecher

  • FPGA der 3. Generation

  • CPAF-Filtertechnologie

  • KDS Quarzoszillator

  • Tantalkondensatoren von Panasonic


  • 6,35 mm Single Ended für Kopfhörer und Standard-Lautsprecheranschluss

  • Vorverstärkerausgang: RCA
  • Digitaler Eingang: USB, koaxial, optisch, LAN und USB-Steckplatz für externe Treiber
  • Analogeingang: RCA


  • Kopfhörer 6,35 mm – 570 mW bei 32 Ohm
  • Lautsprecher – 50 W bei 4 Ohm / 32 W bei 8 Ohm pro Kanal

Kabellose Verbindung:

  • WLAN 2.4 & 5G
  • Unterstützt DLNA und Airplay
  • Zweiwege-Bluetooth 4.2 mit LDAC-Unterstützung


  • PCM 32/768
  • DSD256 nativ, DSD512-Software
  • 8x MQA
  • Abletec ALC0100 Class-D für Lautsprecher
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