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Shanling M3X - The smart Android audio player The Shanling M3X in summary: The M3X carries the...
Product information "Shanling M3X"

Shanling M3X - The smart Android audio player

The Shanling M3X in summary: The M3X carries the genes of Shanling's big flagship, the M8, but at a much smaller price. This is made possible by focusing on slightly cheaper components such as the smaller screen, DAC chip and amplifier stage, without skimping on the basic demands of sound quality and usability.
The highlights of the Shanling M3X at a glance:

    Open, perfectly customised system - Android operating system with AGLO.
    Perfectly operable - via the 4.2"/10.7 centimetre touch display
    Sound diversity - Plays music from internal memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the Internet
    D/A converter from the experts - Symmetrical design, also a highlight when unbalanced
    Runs and runs and runs - Maximum 14 hours runtime with only one battery charge

Doesn't sound like Android, but operates like it - thanks to AGLO

Shanling M3XTortable music players increasingly resemble modern smartphones. 8-core processor, 2 GB RAM, touch display and so on. What could be more obvious than to adapt the corresponding operating system and use it for one's own purposes?

That's what Shanling is doing - with Android 7.1 and AGLO. The abbreviation stands for "Android Global Lossless Output". A separate software path that ensures that your music is processed losslessly from start to finish and passed on to the audio hardware. In other words, completely different from "normal" smartphones.

And if you're not in the mood for the diversity of Android, switch to "Prime Mode", where nothing else matters but pure music playback. No Android, no apps and no distractions.
Optimal operability - with the 4.2"/10.7 centimetre touch display

The many talents of the Shanling M3X all want to be operated and controlled. It's easy once you've held it in your hand. Because then your gaze automatically falls on the colourful touch display with a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels, which gives you full control over the player at all times.

The M3X not only fits comfortably in your hand, it is also easy to operate.
You decide what plays - and from where the music is played.

Left side of the Shanling M3X buttonsThe playback options of the Shanling M3X are as varied as your music. Listen to your music from the internal 32 GB memory, the pluggable MicroSD card (max. 2 TB, optionally available), from your PC (via USB DAC), your home NAS (via 2.4 and 5 Ghz WLAN or from the Internet. And of course from the apps available for Android such as Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and Co.

And those who prefer to listen to their music via Bluetooth will also be happy with the Shanling M3X. It transmits the music via LDAC, LHDC, aptX, aptX HD and of course the classic SBC.

But wait, the M3X also functions as a Bluetooth receiver and then accepts music for transmission to its D/A converter and amplifier via LDAC and SBC.

Press play, sit back and enjoy the music. It's simple.
D/A converters and amplifiers from the experts - and in duplicate!

Shanling M3XDigital/analogue converters and amplifiers in the Shanling M3X do not come from just anyone, but from the proven experts in the audio field, the American company ESS. And so two ESS Sabre ES9219Cs work together in a balanced network to convert music perfectly from digital to analogue. From there, it goes via the directly connected amplifiers to the connected headphones with up to 240 milliwatts of power (balanced/32 ohms) and turns music into an experience.


But even though the Shanling M3X is internally fully balanced and has a balanced 4.4 mm jack output, it can also do things differently. It has a classic single-ended 3.5 mm jack for broad compatibility with many other headphones.
A real power pack with 3,200 mAh battery - and up to 23 hours runtime

Shanling M3XOne attribute that must not be forgotten in a player like the Shanling M3X is "portable". That this also works when you are on the road for longer periods of time is guaranteed on the one hand by its low weight of 168 grams, and on the other hand by its outstanding battery life.

With its 3,200 mAh battery, the Shanling lasts up to 23 hours at a stretch on one charge (single-ended, max. 20 hours in dual-DAC mode, max. 19 hours in balanced mode).

No matter how long yours may be, the M3X will accompany you through the day with good music.

Charging specification: Maximum 5V / 2A


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