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The highlights of the Questyle QP2R at a glance:     Genuine Linux operating...
Product information "Questyle QP2R"

The highlights of the Questyle QP2R at a glance:

    Genuine Linux operating system - From the experts at redhat
    Fully balanced amplification design - Best sound on any headphones
    TrueDSD converter - Process and listen to DSD files faithfully
    64GB memory built-in - and expandable with 200GB MicroSD
    USB Type C connector - twist-proof and stable

The music player with a difference - The built-in display
Questyle QP2R    

The Questyle QP2R is a mobile music player in which many things have been done differently from the "usual industry colleagues".

For example, the QP2R uses a razor-sharp, high-quality IPS display from Sharp with a diagonal of 2.4" (6 centimetres). A "normal" display - without touch function. What seems to be a strange decision at first glance is quite clever on closer inspection.

For example, a touch display requires considerably more space than the smaller display used in the QP2R. This leaves more space for the essentials: The circuit board used, and thus the best sound.

In addition, the QP2R has a robust rotary wheel that allows you to navigate through the menus and playlists quickly and at any time, no matter what hand you are using, no matter what the situation. And there are no fingerprints on the display either.

Then there's the power consumption. A small display needs much less power than a large display. So you can enjoy your music player much longer than you would with comparable devices.
The operating system used

While most portable music players run a more or less customised Android, we opted (again, as with the QP1R) for a full-fledged Linux from redhat.

Android offers a great basis and already comes with many useful functions, but a "complete" Linux simply offers even more possibilities and higher customisability compared to a prefabricated Android. This results in higher stability and reliability as well as more performance in the player.
The transducer structure

In most music players, a "one size fits all" approach is followed. In the D/A converter, a single clock is responsible for all frequency ranges from 44.1 to 384 kHz and USB.

Not so in the QP2R. Here, the 3-fold asynchronous clock structure patented by Questyle is used. One clock is only responsible for 44.1 kHz and multiples thereof, one clock for 48 kHz and multiples thereof, and one clock for the asynchronous USB transmission. This reduces jitter (clock jitter) to an unmeasurable level, and the sound is comprehensibly improved.
    Questyle QP2R
The amplification technology
Questyle QP2R    

Conventional amplifiers use voltage gain, which has been identified as a limiting factor in bandwidth and speed.

Questyle has long used current mode amplification, which results in a huge bandwidth, ultra-low distortion of just 0.0005% and an output impedance of 0.1 Ω.

The result is a spatial and absolutely natural sound, regardless of the headphones.

This technology is flanked by a consistent implementation of strict bias control. This ensures that the unit always runs in clean Class A mode, which is a prerequisite for maintaining absolutely clean and stable characteristics.

But that's not all. At the same time, the amplifier is fully balanced per channel. This means that a separate pair of current mode amplifiers is used for each channel. It doesn't get more consistent than that.
The conversion of DSD files

In the Questyle QP2R, DSD files are transferred to the D/A converter in bitstream mode. There is no processing or conversion of the DSD files on the way to the converter. The sensitive files remain untouched and are only processed at their actual destination.

This means that the full bandwidth and the complete spectrum of the music is absolutely preserved.
What else there is to know

The Questyle QP2R processes all common music formats such as MP3, WMA, ALAC, AIFF, FLAC (up to 32/384 bit/kHz) and DSD256 (1 bit and 11.2 MHz).

In addition to the "classic" 3.5 mm headphone output, it also has a balanced 2.5 mm headphone output and an optical digital output.

Its internal memory of 64 GB can be expanded by a maximum of 200 GB via a microSD card.

The device is available in two chic colours. Either a cool, elegant space grey, or the high-quality, noble gold tone.
    Questyle QP2R

Mit seinem Akku mit einer Kapazität von 3.700 mAh schafft der QP2R eine Laufzeit von respektablen 10 Stunden, trotz der stromzehrenden Class A-Betriebs.

Der Questyle QP2R - von Kennern für Kenner

Questyle QP2R 


Dieser Player ist kein Player für Jedermann.


Er ist für die diejenigen erdacht und gebaut, die Ihre Musik auch unterwegs an egal welchem Kopfhörer in der bestmöglichen Qualität genießen möchten.




Kein Streaming, Touchscreen, keine sonstigen Spielereien. Einfach nur gute Musik.

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    Modellbezeichnung: Questyle QP2R Kopfhörerausgang: 3,5 mm...

Modellbezeichnung: Questyle QP2R
Kopfhörerausgang: 3,5 mm unbalanced und 2,5 mm symmetrisch
Line-Ausgang: optischer Digitalausgang
Speicher: 64 GB interner Speicher + 1 Speicherkartenslot für MicroSD bis zu 200 GB
Display: 2,4 Zoll/6 Zentimeter IPSFarbdisplay
Gain-Einstellung: 3-stufig
Farbe: Gold oder Space Grey
Maße: 65 mm Breite x 134 mm Höhe x 14.5 Tiefe
Empf. Kopfhörerimpedanz: 16- 150 Ω (3,5mm Kopfhörerausgang), 16- 300 Ω (symmetrischer Kopfhörerausgang)
Ausgangsleistung: Unbalanced: 38 mW @ 32 Ω, 9 mW @ 300 Ω, Balanced: 70 mW @ 32 Ω, 38 mW @ 300 Ω
Frequenzgang: ±0.1dB (20Hz-20kHz)
THD+N: Unbalanced 0,0006% @ 1kHz, Balanced 0,0005% @ 1kHz
SNR: Unbalanced 100 dB @ 1kHz, Balanced 102dB @ 1kHz
Max Ausgangsspannung: Unbalanced 1.8 Vrms, Balanced 3.6 Vrms
Ausgangsimpedanz: 0.1 Ω
Laden: über USB Type C
Akku: 3.100 mAh Lithium-Polymer
Akkulaufzeit: > 10 Stunden
Lossless: DFF, DSF, DSD64 (native) /128/256, APE (Fast): 48 kHz/16 Bit; APE (Normal): 48 kHz/16 Bit; APE (High): 48 kHz/16 Bit; FLAC: 384kHz/32 Bit; WAV: 384 kHz/64 Bit; AIFF: 384kHz/32 Bit; WMA Losless: 96 kHz/24 Bit
lossy: MP3, WMA, OGG
Auflösung: 32 Bit/384 kHz und native DSD64/128/256
Wandler: AKM AK4490
Marke: Questyle
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