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  • HL01880
The more complicated the world gets, the more concise we become. At Questyle, an integral part...
Product information "Questyle M15"

The more complicated the world gets, the more concise we become.

At Questyle, an integral part of our mission is to provide the simplest way for all cell phone users to enjoy lossless audio from streaming platforms, anytime and anywhere. In order to meet our customers’ growing demand for utmost audio quality, we are now launching our newest lossless mobile DAC & headphone amp: the M15.

The M15 carries on the proud tradition of Questyle’s highest-performance audio signal processing, and once again breaks through the technical limitations of cell phone audio circuits. It features two independent Current Mode Amplification SiP modules with ESS’s flagship USB DAC, supports both unbalanced (3.5mm TRS) and balanced (4.4mm TRRS) outputs with manual gain adjustment, and also serves as an MQA-enabled renderer. It may be small, but it is mightily powerful and impressively flexible.

From the deepest bass of a cathedral organ, to the heaviest guitar melodies in hard rock, the M15 will not only capture the subtlest details hidden deep within tracks, but will also bring you an unprecedentedly mobile hi-fi experience.

Bring the M15 along for the ride, and then let it take YOU for a ride.


Two independent CMA SiP modules

Four total amplification circuits

Greater dynamics, richer details


The M15 contains two of Questyle’s patented CMA (Current Mode Amplification) SiP modules, for a total of four CMA amp engines. This quadruple drive amplification circuitry gives an outstandingly strong output that can drive almost any headphone. Questyle’s Current Mode Amplifiers are characterized by their small footprint, low voltage operation, and minimal power consumption. Current Mode amplification has a naturally low impedance, affording the M15 a bandwidth up to 1MHz, distortion as low as 0.0003%, and the ability to reproduce every detail hidden deep within any track.


3.5mm TRS / 4.4mm TRRS outputs

Manual gain adjustment

Compatible with even more headphones


With its four CMA amp circuits, the M15 supports both unbalanced (3.5mm TRS) and balanced (4.4mm TRRS) outputs. It also has manual gain adjustment via the slider on the side, which makes it easy to choose high/low gain depending on the connected headphone, speaker, or HiFi system.


Impossibly low noise floor

Complete sonic immersion


Purest sound, anytime, anywhere

Only a black background can reflect rich color. With its incredibly low noise floor, the M15 allows all the details of your music faithfully ring true. In testing, the M15 was able to achieve a noise floor of -130dB.


Metal housing, transparent cover

Minimalist on the outside

Stunning on the inside


The easiest way to enjoy any hi-res lossless library

The M15 supports almost all music streaming platforms worldwide, including Apple Music, Tidal, QQ Music, among others. It fully supports and decodes ALAC, FLAC, MQA, and other lossless formats.


Treat your senses to true lossless sound

When playing audio, the data status indicator will illuminate one of the following colors:

• Green: indicates the audio sample rate is 48kHz or less.

• Red: indicates hi-res lossless playback.(Hi-res lossless refers to PCM 88.2kHz~384 kHz, or DSD64~DSD256.)

• Magenta: indicates the M15 is performing the final unfold of an MQA Core stream.


World-class digital to analog conversion ESS ES9281AC DAC offers top-of-the-line decoding

The M15 features the highly acclaimed ESS ES9281AC flagship DAC, which can handle up to PCM384kHz/32bit and DSD256.

It’s almost inconceivable that something as small as the M15 can process and reproduce such demanding audio formats.

Low power consumption, no overheating

Longer battery life, longer playback

Unparalleled ease of use Plug-and-play, no drivers needed

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Spezifikationen : Erforderliches Betriebssystem: Android: Android 5.0 oder...

Spezifikationen :

  • Erforderliches Betriebssystem:
    • Android: Android 5.0 oder höher
    • PC: Win10 oder höher
    • Apple:
      • iOS (OTG-Lightning-zu-Typ-C-Kabel erforderlich [zusätzlich])
      • Mac OS
  • DAC-Fähigkeit:
    • PCM: PCM: 32kHz – 384kHz (16/24/32Bit)
    • DSD: DSD64 (1 Bit 2,8 MHz), DSD128 (1 Bit 5,6 MHz), DSD256 (1 Bit 11,2 MHz)
  • Ausgangsschnittstelle:
    • 3,5-mm-Standard-Kopfhöreranschluss x1
    • 4,4 mm symmetrischer Kopfhöreranschluss x1
  • Ausgangsleistung:
    • 3,5 mm: RL = 300 Ohm, Po = 11,97 mW, Vout (max.) = 1,895 Veff, THD + N = 0,00045 %
    • 4,4 mm: RL = 300 Ohm, Po = 22,60 mW, Vout (max.) = 2,624 Veff, THD + N = 0,00057 %
  • Frequenzgang: +/- 0,1 dB (20 Hz-20 kHz)
  • THD+N: 0,00003 %
  • DAC: ESS-Flaggschiff-USB-DAC-Chip ES9281AC
  • Material: CNC-gefrästes Aluminium
  • Farbe: schwarz
  • Abmessungen: 61,8 x 27,2 x 12 mm.


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