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Qudelix T71 Qudelix T71
Qudelix T71 USB DAC NXP iMXRT600 ARM + DSP Core Four ES9219C SABRE HiFi® DAC Two Texas Instruments INA1620 AMP Unbalanced output max. 4V RMS (3.5mm) Balanced output max. 8V RMS (2.5 & 4.4mm) 4~10 hours battery time (1000mA Battery) 2.0...
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Qudelix 5K Case Qudelix 5K Case
TPU case for the Qudelix 5K. The case set consists of two parts. A case for the Qudelix 5K housing and a protection for the retaining clip.
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Qudelix QX-Over IEM Qudelix QX-Over IEM
Qudelix QX-Over Earphones - Especially for Qudelix 5K- Qudelix QX-Over is an active digital crossover with Qudelix's proprietary DSP technology. Qudelix-5K automatically detects QX-Over Earphones, processes the stereo input, and outputs...
€34.90 *
Qudelix 5K Qudelix 5K
Qudelix 5k Reference DAC AMP USB digital analogue converter and Bluetooth receiver in one. The manufacturer Qudelix has developed a very special piece of technology here. Rarely have we added such a well-rounded device to our portfolio....
€129.00 *