iBasso CB12S iBasso CB12S MMCX 2,5mm

iBasso CB12S iBasso CB12S MMCX 2,5mm
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iBasso CB12s - High-quality and flexible headphone cable The highlights of the iBasso CB12s at a...
Product information "iBasso CB12S iBasso CB12S MMCX 2,5mm"

iBasso CB12s - High-quality and flexible headphone cable
The highlights of the iBasso CB12s at a glance:

    Fully balanced cable - The upgrade for any good pair of headphones.
    MMCX connectors - Standard compliant and fits almost any headphone
    2.5 mm TRRS plug - Fully compatible with players as well
    The perfect connection - Four conductors of 6N copper and four conductors of copper-silver alloy
    3.5 mm adapter included - Even more flexibility with the best sound

Complete symmetry for excellent, balanced sound

iBasso CB12s on velvet

Even though most cables with an unbalanced 3.5 mm jack connection already deliver quite a decent sound, it is only with a balanced connection that they completely blossom. The big advantage of a balanced connection: The two channels do not "see" each other electrically and therefore work completely unaffected by each other.

Highest silence and noise-free sound are the reward.
MMCX Connectors - Standard-Compliant and High-Quality

iBasso CB12S MMCX connector

The CB12s headphone cable from iBasso uses the standardised MMCX connector, which fits virtually any headphones with detachable cables. No experiments are dared with the source either, but the classic 2.5 mm TRRS connector is used, thus achieving maximum compatibility.
High-quality inner workings, consistently constructed

iBasso CB12s close-up

Besides the gold-plated connections on the cable, the inner conductors are also made of excellent material. For example, two conductors per side are made of monocrystalline copper, and two conductors per side are made of a copper-silver alloy, which are additionally insulated from each other by a high-quality dielectric.

Despite the complex material used, the cable is pleasantly thin and extremely flexible. Microphony effects therefore have no chance.
3.5 mm jack adapter included - maximum compatibility!

iBasso CB12s 3.5 mm jack adapter

When you choose a high-quality cable, you want to use it as much as possible. That's exactly why the iBasso CB12s comes with a practical (and equally high-quality) adapter from the balanced 2.5 mm jack to the unbalanced 3.5 mm jack.

Intelligent and practical.
What advantage do you get from a better headphone cable?

iBasso CB12s with attached adapter

In contrast to the "standard cables", with the iBasso CB12s you get a cleaner, tidier sound image with clear and smoother highs, a wide stage and excellent voice reproduction.

Either way, the iBasso CB12s is a great addition for any headphone lover with headphones with MMCX connectors. Give it a try!
You want more? You get more!

Then listen to the "big brother" iBasso CB13. This cable has basically the same construction as the CB13, but the copper-silver alloy cable used in the iBasso CB12s has been replaced by a pure silver cable.

Even more stage depth and width and more stability and neutrality are the reward with the CB13.

Click here for the iBasso CB13.

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    Modellbezeichnung: iBasso CB12s Steckergröße: 2,5 mm...

Modellbezeichnung: iBasso CB12s
Steckergröße: 2,5 mm
  • CB12s 4,4 mm
  • Aufbewahrungsbox
  • 2,5mm auf 3,5 mm Adapter
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