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iBasso AMP3 - Full balance for the iBasso DX200 The highlights of the iBasso AMP3 at a glance:...
Product information "iBasso AMP3"

iBasso AMP3 - Full balance for the iBasso DX200
The highlights of the iBasso AMP3 at a glance:

    Full compatibility with the iBasso DX200 - Turn two screws and you're done.
    Maximum voltage swing of +8/-8V - Equivalent to 32 volts single ended
    Fully balanced construction - Headphone and line-out are fully balanced
    Round, warm tuning - Provides a full and relaxed sound

A specialist for lovers of symmetry

iBasso AMP3 with iBasso DX200

While the AMP1 module supplied with the iBasso DX200 bridges the gap between the two worlds (balanced and unbalanced), the AMP3 module is consistently and exclusively balanced.

Both the headphones and the line-out require a balanced 2.5 mm jack connection, but they sound really fantastic with it.
Maximum voltage swing of +8/-8 volts in balanced mode

iBasso AMP3 module

This corresponds to a maximum voltage of 32 volts in classic single-ended mode. The higher voltage range gives the listener an increased dynamic range, allowing him to use even more potential of his headphones.

In addition, the iBasso patented circuit design is designed to effectively reduce non-linear distortion (which makes for a "harsh" and unpleasant sound), while leaving harmonic distortion in the signal as much as possible.
Harmonic distortion for good sound?

Some of the harmonic (as well as non-linear) distortion is deliberately left in the system to ensure a round but not too soft sound.
The result is impressive

In contrast to the iBasso AMP1, the AMP3 delivers a rounder, fuller sound. Voices get more body and volume, trebles are a bit more restrained and "charming".
So if you are interested in the "classic tube sound" and want to enjoy it on the road, you are in exactly the right place in combination with a good pair of balanced headphones.

And the DX200's battery lasts an average of 7.5 hours when used with the AMP3.
Would you like to upgrade your iBasso DX200?

Then simply order the AMP3 module in our shop or drop by your local dealer.

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