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Product information "iBasso DC04 Pro"

iBasso DC04 Pro - Hi-Res USB DAC & AMP

  • Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131
  • 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced Headphone connectors
  • Dual RT6863 OPAMPs
  • Physical Volume control
  • CNC Aluminium Case
  • 280mW@ 32 Oh
  • PCM 32bit/384kHz

 Well selected and implemented Parts Result in Excellent Performance In All Aspects

The iBasso DC04 Pro combines many well selected parts and advanced technologies, such as dual CS43131 flagship DACs, dual RT6863 high current output OPAMPs, synchronous DC-DC converter, ultra-low noise LDO, FPGA, KDS femtosecond oscillator, multi-functional APP, Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced socked, CNC aluminium case, and tempered glass panels. All of these forged into a USB DAC & AMP with excellent sound quality, high put power, high current output, dual output interfaces, interchangeable cables, excellent power consumption control and outstanding specs. The strength of the iBasso DC04 Pro is a full sound that is musically rewarding and its ease of use.

Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131 – Ultra low Noise LDO Ensure Power purity

The Cirrus Logic flagship DAC CS43131 with Master HiFiT technology provides outstanding performance and excellent sound. With the ultra-low noise LDO that has a 100dB power supply rejection ratio, the power purity for the DAC chips, results in an amazing sound quality with a superb black background for the DC04 Pro.

The DC04 Pro noise floor is at nanovolt level.

Synchronous DC-DC Converter & Ultra-Low noise LDO – Unprecedented power supply for a dongle

The quality of the power supply directly affects the sound quality in no small way. iBasso DC04 Pro utilizes a synchronous DC-DC converter and low-noise high-speed LDO, ensuring sufficient high purity power for the dongle, bringing a dynamic and powerful sound to your music.

RT6863 Dual OPAMP x 2, a true balanced AMP 10V Voltage swing

iBasso DC04 Pro utilizes dual RT6863 chips, creating a 4-way fully balanced amp featuring ultra-low distortion. With an output current of up to 100mA and working at 10V voltage swing, the DC04 Pro output reaches 280mW@32 Ohm. With the well-designed analog circuit, the DC04 Pro renders your sound full bodied with emotional impact. You can say goodbye to the often thin and cold digital sound of smartphones.

FPGA + KDS Femtosecond Oscillator

iBasso used their in-house developed FPGA algorithm and tor the first time it is used in a dongle. Together with the KDS femtosecond oscillator, jitter is well controlled, and reproduction becomes more distortion free, enhancing the sound quality.

Once Again, The Ceiling Of Measurements Have Been Raised

Measurements are not the only standard to verify the quality of sound, but they are enough to tell the quality of product materials and the implementation of the product design. The iBasso DC04 Pro one again, raises the ceiling of the AP measurements.

S/N: 131dB

THD+N: 0.00013%

Noise Floor: 0,9µV

Balanced Output Power: 280mW@32 Ohm

Lower Power Consumption – Less Burden to the Master Device

iBasso DC04 Pro consumes less power and provides a power saving mode option. When using normal mode balanced output, the power consumption is 650mW. The single-ended output will turn off the unused half of the Amp to lowering the power consumption to only 550mW. When the power saving mode is on, it turn off and bypasses the AMP section, without directly from the DAC´s internal AMP. In this mode, the power consumption if similar dongle, which can be as high as 700 to 800mW, the power consumption and heat generation of the iBasso DC04 Pro are lower, enhancing long-term listening.

New Companion App – With Practical Features Is in Place

iBasso UAC APP has been fully upgraded to work with the DC04 Pro.

  • 100 Steps Hardware Volume
  • 5 Option Digital Filters
  • 3 Options Gain Control
  • 2 Options Output Mode
  • 20 Steps L/R Balance
  • On/Off Power Saver

CNC Aluminium Case – With Tempered Glass Panels
The iBasso DC04 Pro case is made using CNC to precisely manufacture the high-grade aluminium alloy. The open volume control structure requires complex steps during machining, which is both visually appealing and fits with required functions. Using tempered glass panels, the DC04 Pro is both aesthetically appealing while conveying the quality of build. Grey and Blue colours are available to meet individual preferences.

Detachable Cable Meeting a Wide Range of Cables Used

Standard for the DC04 Pro is a detachable cable design with USB-C to USB-C cable with a USB-A adapter, allowing it to be used with most Android devices. When using a USB-C to lightning cable (separately available) with the DC04 Pro, you can use it with Apple devices.
Multi-Colour Indicator Visually Display the Play Mode

Three colours indicate three states of the DC04 Pro.
Red: Standby
Blue: DSD
Green: PCM

Operation Instructions
The iBasso DC04 Pro is plug-and-play on Android Smartphones and tablets with Android 5.1 and above without installing drivers or third-party Apps (due to the Android device´s or system limitation, there may be a low compatibility issue with some smartphones or tablets). On some Android  devices, it may be necessary to manually tun on the OTG function in the system settings.
The DC04 Pro is plug-and play on MAC and Win10 computers. For WinXP, Win7, and Win8 systems, please download the driver from the manufacturers website. Once properly installed, the DC04 Pro can be used as a USB sound card.
iPhone´s volume control is only 16 steps. DC04 Pro can achieve 100 steps if adjustment with the volume button. Therefore, using the DC04 Pro with an iPhone, will achieve a finer volume adjustment.

Package Components
DC04 Pro, USB-C to C cable, USB-C to A adapter, User manual

4.4mm Bal Output
THD+N: 0.00013% @300Ohm load
Output Level: 3.0Vrms @32Ohm load / 4.0Vrms @300Ohm load
S/N: 131dBA
Dynamic Range: 128dBA
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Output Impedance: <0.4Ohm

3.5mm SE output
THD+N: 0.00018% @300Ohm load
Output Level: 2.0Vrms @32Ohm load / 2.0Vrms @300Ohm load
S/N: 128dBA
Dynamic Range: 126dBA
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Output Impedance: <0.2Ohm

DAC Chipset: Dual Cirrus Logic CS43131
PCM: Up to 32bit/384kHz
DSD: Native DSD up to 256x
Size: 59mm x 23.4mm x 12.1mm
Weight: 21g

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