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iBasso DC06 Product information "iBasso DC06 iBasso DC06 - Powerful, technically...
Product information "iBasso DC06"

iBasso DC06

Product information "iBasso DC06

iBasso DC06 - Powerful, technically sophisticated and at a very attractive price.

iBasso was founded over 10 years ago in Shenzhen China and specialises mainly in DAPs, DACs and IEMs. With the DC06, the company brought a DAC/AMP onto the market which, in addition to a dual-chip design, scores points above all with its excellent price for the technical performance data. With the DC05, iBasso has already proven that the team behind the company has understood to focus on the most important core points and to offer a convincing performance.

The highlights of the iBasso DC06 at a glance:

- Full sound potential with Dual ES9219C DAC.

- Dedicated power supply for the AMP section with synchronous DC-DC converter

- Hardware MQA rendering - MQA 16x

- Using a dedicated app, the DC06 achieves a 64-stufige hardware volume

Two ES9219C DACs for unfolding the full sound potential

The two ES9291Cs installed are made by ES. This is a great chip that includes a 32-bit stereo low-power DAC, headphone amplifier, analogue volume control and output switch. Not only is high performance ensured, but also low consumption - guaranteeing long-lasting music enjoyment. This enables 320 mW at 32 OHM, MQA 16x and DSD up to 256x. In addition, iBasso has built in a USB receiver chip from its own development to round off the package accordingly.

Significant increase in output power through synchronous DC-DC converters and independent power supply for the AMP section

The power supply relies on a newly developed synchronous DC-DC converter that feeds a low-noise Charge Pump Plus LDO from Texas Instruments. This enables the iBasso DC06 to deliver a whopping 320mW @ 32 ohms at only 5V. Enough power, then, for the majority of all available mobile headphones.

High-resolution files with MQA 16X for convincing sound

With the help of MQA rendering, high-resolution files are compressed so that they can be played meaningfully via streaming. 2X are folded by software and 8X by hardware rendering through the DAC. Those looking for the maximum soundscape and audio quality will find it here. With support from the provider and the right file format, there is no need to compromise at this point. The combination of iBasso DC06 and Tidal is one of the options to consider.

Dedicated UAC2.0 volume control app for significant noise reduction

The iBasso DC06 can have 64-stufig volume changes via a standalone app. Devices running Windows 10 and Android support the UAC2.0 protocol but rely on SRC for audio output. So through the app developed by iBasso, not only can the volume be fine-tuned, but at the same time the background noise is significantly reduced and the audio performance is improved.

Technical data

Brand: iBasso

Model: DC06

DAC chipset: Two ES9219C QUAD DAC+ (TM) chips

PCM: up to 32 bit/384 kHz

Input: 1x USB-C jack

Outputs: 1x unbalanced jack plug 3.5 mm ,1x balanced jack plug 4.4 mm

Supported sampling rates: PCM up to 32 bit 384 kHz, DSD up to DSD256, MQA 16x

Weight: 23 g

Dimensions: 50 mm x 23 mm

Balanced 4.4 mm jack output THD+N: 0.00035 % (600 Ω load), 0.0005 % (32 Ω load)

Output voltage: 3.2 Vrms (32 Ω load), 4 Vrms (300 Ω load)

S/N: 123dBA Dynamic range: 123dBA

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz-0.5dB

Output impedance: <0.5 Ω Balanced 4.4 mm jack output

THD+N: 0.00056% (600 Ω load), 0.0007% (32 Ω load)

Output voltage: 2 Vrms (32 Ω load)

S/N: 120dBA

Dynamic range: 120dBA

Frequency response: 20Hz~40kHz -0.5dB

Output impedance: <0.3 Ω

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Spezifikationen: DAC-Chipsatz: Zwei ES9219C QUAD DAC+ (TM) Chips PCM: bis zu 32...


  • DAC-Chipsatz: Zwei ES9219C QUAD DAC+ (TM) Chips
  • PCM: bis zu 32 Bit/384 kHz
  • Eingan: 1x USB-C-Buchse
  • Ausgäng:  1x unsymmetrischer Klinkenstecker 3,5 mm ,1x symmetrischer Klinkenstecker 4,4 mm
  • Unterstützte Abtastraten: PCM bis zu 32 Bit 384 kHz, DSD bis DSD256, MQA 16x
  • Gewicht: 23 g
  • Abmessungen: 50 mm x 23 mm

Symmetrischer 4,4 mm Klinkenausgang:

  • THD+N: 0,00035 % (600 Ω Last), 0,0005 % (32 Ω Last)
  • Ausgangsspannung: 3,2 Vrms (32 Ω Last), 4 Vrms (300 Ω Last)
  • S/N: 123dBA
  • Dynamikbereich: 123dBA
  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz-40kHz-0,5dB
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: <0,5 Ω

Unsymmetrischer 3,5 mm Klinkenausgang:

  • THD+N: 0,00056 % (600 Ω Last), 0,0007 % (32 Ω Last)
  • Ausgangsspannung: 2 Vrms (32 Ω Last)
  • S/N: 120dBA
  • Dynamikbereich: 120dBA
  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz~40kHz -0,5dB
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: <0,3 Ω
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