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iBasso DX320 The new Reference Audio Player from iBasso features: - Dual System...
Product information "iBasso DX320"

iBasso DX320

The new Reference Audio Player from iBasso


- Dual System Controller

- Two internal batteries (for analogue and digital section)

- With ROHM MUS-IC D/A converters (BD34301 EKV)

- Snapdragon 660 processor with 6GB RAM and 128 internal memory

- Interchangeable AMP modules (AMP11 MK2s included)

- 1200mW output power at 32Ohm

- 6.5 inch 2340*1080 screen resolution

- Android 11 + Mango OS / Open Android / Closed Linux OS

- Parametric equaliser (6 band with 8 configurable filters)

- MQA Master - Bluetooth 5.0 - 5G WiFi / 2x2 MIMO

- Up to 10 hours playtime

- As external DAC on PC, MAC, smartphone and tablet

- Coaxial output (up to 384kHz and DoP DSD128)

- High-speed USB-C 3.1

- Micro SD slot

iBasso once again raises the bar for DAP flagship players

The ND34301EKV DAC chip from Rohm's High End Series is the pinnacle of audio components currently available in terms of highlighting spatial imaging and dynamic range. Combined with an extremely low distortion (130dB SN ratio, -115dB THD+N), the iBasso DX320 plays in the league of reference players.

Proprietary FPGA Master Technology

The FPGA master acts as the control centre for the audio data and plays a major role in reproducing the signal quality. Since Android systems do not inherently prioritise audio processing, this development is a big step sonically.

Patented dual power supply

A consistent separation of the power supply for the analogue and digital sections of the iBasso DX320 ensures a clean sound due to a clean power supply, so that the sonic signal processing is free of artefacts.

Interchangeable Amp Modules

Thanks to the interchangeable amp modules, you can customise the player to suit your sonic preferences and headphones.

Discrete AMP card AMP11 MK2s included in delivery

Equipped with a 3.5mm jack and balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm jacks, the AMP11 MK2s is an all-rounder. The module delivers an incredible 1200mW output power with 32Ohm headphones. This provides the power potential for high-impedance headphones. With 300Ohm headphones, the balanced outputs deliver 168mW.

Android 11 + Mango OS / Open Android / Closed Linux OS

The iBasso DX320 comes with the latest Android 11. Thanks to the fast processor, response speed is excellent. In the open Android system, any apps can be installed. In the selectable Mango OS mode, all unnecessary Android processes such as Bluetooth and WiFi are deactivated to increase the sound performance. For the use of streaming services, the Android mode is recommended, and for pure music enjoyment when playing locally stored music, the Mango OS mode is recommended.

Professional parametric equaliser

A 6-band equaliser with 8 different filters is on board. For each filter, the F value, Q value and gain value can be adjusted.

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