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iBasso IT01X
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iBasso IT01X - Generation Brass and Beryllium The iBasso IT01X at a glance: The latest addition...
Product information "iBasso IT01X"

iBasso IT01X - Generation Brass and Beryllium

The iBasso IT01X at a glance: The latest addition to the successful InTune range uses advanced technology and sophisticated materials. The IT01X uses a membrane coated with beryllium on both sides. In addition, the resonance chamber made of brass ensures a particularly clean sound.

The highlights of the iBasso IT01X at a glance:

    Brass driver housing - extremely low in resonance and distortion
    Lightweight and high-strength diaphragm - beryllium coating makes the diaphragm light, fast and stiff!
    MMCX connector on the headphones - change cables easily and at will
    High magnetic force - For dynamics and fast response
    Lots of high-quality accessories - High-quality headphone cable, eleven pairs of ear tips and much more
    Dual Helmholtz resonator - Powerful and natural bass guaranteed
    A real ear-pleaser - Lightweight and perfect fit

Not only for instrument making - brass does the trick!

Brass is an ideal material in acoustics. Due to its high density, brass is extremely effective in preventing resonance and distortion. This results in powerful lows and full mids. And that's exactly what the driver chamber in the IT01X benefits from. As a result, the IT01X is low in distortion and precise.
Thin and light driver cone for explosive performance

In the IT01X, the thin diaphragm is coated with beryllium on both sides. This makes it incredibly light and strong for the fastest response. Clear, precise highs and explosive transients are the result. In addition, the diaphragm's transient response improves considerably, making it less susceptible to distortion. This improves the high-frequency resolution in particular, and the frequency range is extended even further.
Endless power - High magnetic force for superior control

iBasso IT01X driver sectionIt doesn't take much force at all to make the lightweight diaphragm vibrate. Nevertheless, the magnet in the IT01X is as strong as an ox. The IT01S uses a magnet system with a magnetic flux density of one Tesla, which gives the driver full control at all times and under all conditions. This makes it all the easier to drive the driver responsively and with high impulse response. Highest precision, dynamics and excellent resolution and structure in the bass are the result of this design.
The iBasso IT01X also has a lot more to offer in terms of comfort

iBasso IT01X ErgoSo the sound outlet has a removable grille, making it easy and reliable to clean the headphones. And for long reliability and durability, this part of the headphones is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The small housing shape ensures a comfortable fit in the ear and allows hours of music listening.

In addition to the ergonomic shape adapted to the human ear, the three colours in which the IT01X is available are a real highlight. The choice is yours: black, blue or red - you decide.
MMCX connection and lots of accessories - the headphone heart laughs

The iBasso IT01X comes with a high-quality headphone cable with silver coating in a length of 1.2 metres.

The good thing about it is that if you prefer to use a different cable, you can do so very easily thanks to the MMCX connection. Unplug the cable, plug in a new one and continue to enjoy the music.

The IT01X also comes with a whole host of other accessories! There are nine different pairs of silicone ear tips, two pairs of foam tips, a pair of replacement protective grilles for the sound outlet of the headphones and, of course, a quick start guide and warranty card.

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 Modellbezeichnung: iBasso IT01X Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm Typ:...

 Modellbezeichnung: iBasso IT01X
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm
Typ: Geschloßen
Frequenzumfang: 10Hz - 40 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 108 dB +/- 2 dB
Impedanz: 16 Ω
Kabellänge: 1.2 m
Gewicht: 7 Gramm pro Hörer (ohne Kabel)
Farbe: schwarz, blau oder rot
Konnektivität: 3.5mm
  • Transportdose
  • Neun verschiedene Paar Silikon Ear-Tips
  • Zwei Paar Foam-Tips
  • Ein Paar Schutzgitter für die Schallaustrittsöffnung des Kopfhörers
  • 1,2 Meter Kopfhörerkabel
  • Schnellstartanleitung
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