iBasso DX300 mit AMP11 MK2

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iBasso DX300 - One for all! The iBasso DX300 in summary: The iBasso DX300 is the evolution of...
Product information "iBasso DX300 mit AMP11 MK2"

iBasso DX300 - One for all!

The iBasso DX300 in summary: The iBasso DX300 is the evolution of the DX220 with the experience and concept of the DX 220 MAX. Separate circuits for analogue and digital sections, a gigantic 6.5″ touch display with best-in-class presentation. Plus unprecedented performance and outstanding sound quality. WLAN, Bluetooth 5.0 and Android 9 ensure the best connectivity and flexibility.
The highlights of the iBasso DX300 at a glance:

    6.5″ IPS display - High resolution that is also switchable.
    Android 9 as operating system - Can be expanded almost at will via Android apps
    Breathtaking computing power - Snapdragon 660 and 6 GB RAM on board
    Quad DAC for the best sound - Four Cirrus Logic CS43198s in a network
    Bluetooth 5.0 and WLAN - High bandwidth and huge range combined
    Exchangeable AMP modules - Expandable and adaptable. The proven concept is continued
    Two batteries on board - Separate power supply for analogue and digital sections for an interference-free and pure music experience

Specially developed FPGA master

A dedicated controller exclusively for the audio system!
The DX300 uses a proprietary FPGA master technology developed by iBasso. As the audio system's controller, the FPGA master requests audio data directly from the SoC and plays an important role in signal playback and maintaining signal integrity. It synchronises and generates all audio clocks simultaneously using two Accusilicon femtosecond oscillators. Thus, it obtains a fully synchronised single clock source. The FPGA and oscillators also reduce interfering jitter to an extremely low level, producing a clean digital audio signal.
6.5-inch display with high resolution of 2340 x 1080 px

Not only the ear is spoiled, but also the eye! The DX300 has a 6.5-inch display with very narrow edges. The screen resolution is 2340*1080 pixels and sets new standards in colour reproduction quality for a digital audio player. There is also an LED bar at the top of the screen, which makes the status of the device visible at a glance in colour-coded form.
14nm 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 - Performance at last

The shooting star among audio player chipsets!
The DX300 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 as SoC (integrated chip). With the powerful performance of this 14-nanometre 8-core processor, no other SoC in the digital audio player sector can currently keep up! With 6GB of RAM, there's enough memory for smooth and fast response, and the 128GB of built-in storage makes it convenient to install more APPs and music files.
Patented dual power supply structure

Separate AMP and digital power supplies.
The power supply system is one of the most important parts of a player and has a crucial impact on sound quality. SoC, DAC, AMP and other components all have strict power supply requirements. If a single battery powers the entire system, high current demands from the digital and analogue parts can affect each other. This can cause distortion and thus affect the sound quality. The DX300 therefore uses a patented dual battery structure (Patent number in China: ZL2020682917.5), where the AMP and the digital section are powered by independent batteries. The independent battery provides sufficient power to ensure the stability of the AMP section. And it isolates the interference of the digital section to achieve better sound quality. This ensures that the analogue section receives extremely clean DC power, allowing the player's amplifier performance to develop to its full potential.
Reference sound: Quad CS43198 DAC chip

Using four Cirrus Logic flagship CS43198 DAC chips to form a DAC array, the DX300 has a total of eight DAC channels, each of the eight equipped with low-pass filters, and the DAC chips doubled in parallel for fully balanced output. Two DACs connected in parallel can effectively reduce the minimal distortion that occurs in a single DAC chip due to the manufacturing process and environmental influences, greatly improving sound and performance.
Replaceable AMP module

An interchangeable AMP module design adds variety, personalisation and music enjoyment.With the DX300's patented AMP card design and future AMP cards, the DX300 offers a wide range of possibilities. Longer playing time, different output connections, different circuit designs and synergy adjustments can be achieved with our various cards.
5th Gen Mango OS + Android 9.0: Flexibility without end!

Sound quality and operation are doubly impressive.The iBasso DX300 features a Linux-based operating system specifically designed for music playback: the fifth-generation Mango OS. With the powerful GPU acceleration of the Qualcomm 660, operation is finally uncompromisingly smooth. The DX300 is also equipped with Android 9.0. This makes it faster and more performant than most of the current DAPs. Almost any APP can be freely installed - endless streaming possibilities.
Bluetooth 5.0 + 5G WiFi 2×2 MIMO

Fast & reliable WiFi. With an improved internal antenna, the DX300 offers great range. The 5G WiFi features a 2×2 MIMO WiFi antenna design with two input and two output channels, greatly improving data transmission speed and volume. The DX300 supports Bluetooth 5.0, with an improved antenna that enables longer transmission distance and a stronger signal.
Internal values? Excellent!

Outstanding flagship sound performance! The DX300 also performs excellently in the core measurements. The measured signal-to-noise ratio is 125dB, the dynamic range is 125dB and the THD+N is -113dB. The good measurements lay the foundation for true flagship sound. The maximum output voltage of the balanced DX300 is 7.1Vrms, so it easily drives most full-size headphones! Output power reaches 1240mW at 32Ω, which is a very high value among portable DAPs.
Evolutionary and premium features: No compromises

Up to 15 hours of playtime! The DX300 supports QC3.0 and PD2.0 fast charging protocols and charges fully within 2.5 hours.
Of course, the DX300 can also be used as an external DAC. It offers support for Windows PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet and other platforms.
The coaxial output creates a lossless connection to your existing audio system.
Support for PCM 384kHz and DoP DSD128 via the coaxial output.
The DX300 has a USB-C 3.1 high-speed port.

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    EAN: Black: 6971585540806 | Blue: 6971585540813...

EAN: Black: 6971585540806 | Blue: 6971585540813
Modellbezeichnung: iBasso DX300
Kopfhörerausgang: 3,5 mm Klinke + 4,4 mm symmetrische Klinke + 2,5 mm symmetrische Klinke
Line-Ausgang: COAX
USB: USB Type-C mit USB-DAC mit 32 Bit/384 kHz + DSD128
Konnektivität: 2,4 GHz + 5 GHz WLAN, Bluetooth 5.0 mit aptX und LDAC™
Speicher: 128 GB interner Speicher, 1 Speicherkartenslot, MicroSD bis 2 TB
Display: 6.5"/15,24 Zentimeter IPS-Touchdisplay mit 1080 x 2340 Pixel Auflösung
Equalizer: Parametrisch und 10 Band
Gain-Einstellung: 3-stufig
Farbe: Schwarz oder Blau
Gewicht: 300 Gramm
Maße: 162mm x 77mm x 17mm
Ausgangsleistung: 7.1Vrms balanced | 3.5Vrms single ended
Frequenzgang: 10Hz~40kHz +/-0.3dB
THD+N: Balanced: -113dB (no Load, 3Vrms) -109dB (300R Load) -101dB (32R Load) Unbalanced: -111dB (no Load, 2Vrms), -107dB (300R Load) -95dB (32R Load)
SNR: Balanced: 125dB | Unbalanced: 123dB
Ausgangsimpedanz: Balanced: 0.39Ω | Unbalanced: 0.43Ω
Laden: via USB-C
Akku: 4.000 mAh 3,8 Volt Lithium-Polymer (Digitalsektion) + 2000 mAh Lithium-Polymer (Analogsektion)
Ladeanzeige: Ja
Akkulaufzeit: 15 Stunden (abhängig von eingestellter Lautstärke, Kopfhörern und Dateiformat)
Ladezeit: 2.5h
lossy: WMA, AAC, OGG, MP3
Auflösung: 32 Bit/384 kHz, DSD64/128/256/
Wandler: Quad Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC
  • iBasso DX300
  • AMP11 MK2 Modul
  • symmetrisches Burn-In-Kabel
  • hochwertiges Ledercase
  • Displayschutzfolie
  • Koaxialkabel
  • USB-C-Kabel
  • Bedienungsanleitung
    EAN: Black: 6971585540806 | Blue: 6971585540813...

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