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ibasso IT07
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iBasso IT07 - The in-ear headphones for audiophiles The iBasso IT07 in-ear headphones at a...
Product information "ibasso IT07"

iBasso IT07 - The in-ear headphones for audiophiles

The iBasso IT07 in-ear headphones at a glance: With six Balanced Armature drivers, and one dynamic driver, the iBasso IT07 has the perfect ingredients for a no-compromise in-ear headphone. Add to that a 4-way crossover, and the patented "Root Tube", which provides a coaxial structure within the headphones.

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The highlights of the iBasso IT07 at a glance:

    Nomen est omen - 7 drivers provide maximum resolution and structure
    Four paths lead to one goal - Sophisticated, high-quality crossover network
    The root of the outstanding sound - Patented "Root Tube
    Sophisticated down to the last detail - Headphone cable made of pure silver
    Open for everything - Flexible cable choice thanks to MMCX connectors

A strong team for the best sound - 7 drivers working in tandem

iBasso IT07 with BA drivers

If you're wondering how iBasso came up with the name "IT07", it's quite simple: the sequence of numbers describes the number of active drivers. And in this case there are seven of them.

Six of them (in pairs) take care of the midrange, treble and super treble, while the dynamic driver with a diameter of 10 millimetres is responsible for the lower mids and the bass.

Full power in such compact in-ear headphones!
Many roads lead to Rome - but only four to great sound

iBasso IT07 with MMCX connector

Whereas dynamic drivers tend to be "generalists" and can cover a wide frequency range, balanced armature drivers (in short: "BA") are true specialists for their respective frequency range.

The iBasso IT07 takes care of this with a sophisticated crossover with four individual paths. This allows each of the BA twin packs and the dynamic driver to perform at its best in its own frequency range without having to move outside its comfort zone.
The Root of Good Sound - The Patented Root Tube

iBasso IT07 with Root Tube

The dynamic driver in the iBasso IT07 is positioned to play directly on the ear. In addition to a particularly crisp and powerful bass, you therefore also benefit from perfect, time-aligned reproduction. The BA drivers are located directly below and are also directly connected via a clever sound guide (the "root tube" inside the headphones).

However, this Root Tube not only ensures a perfect connection of the mid and high frequencies, it is also so firm that distortions and vibrations that are harmful to the sound practically have no chance, reducing distortion to a minimum.
A real value investment - headphone cables made of pure silver

iBasso IT07 with headphone cable

Certainly, the headphones themselves are responsible for the sound you hear. But ultimately, they can only work with the signal that is available to them.

To ensure that no detail, no matter how small, is lost, iBasso does not compromise on the headphone cable for the IT07 - and supplies a cable made of pure silver. Pure silver cables are known among audiophiles for their purity of sound and accuracy - and with the IT07, they once again prove their reputation.
For upgraders and switchers - cable change made easy thanks to MMCX

iBasso IT07 LIfestyle

There are people for whom even the best is not good enough and they strive for perfection. Or there are very practical considerations - a defect, for example - to change the headphone cable.

Whatever the reason, with the iBasso IT07 it's done with a "click". The click you hear when you unplug the headphone cable from the headphones. This is not magic, but the great advantage when a manufacturer decides to connect the cable to the headphones via MMCX connector.
Lots of experience - in development and production

More than two years of research and development have gone into the iBasso IT07. During this time, not only were countless prototypes built and tests carried out, but the ears of over 100 people were also measured and analysed.

The result can be seen, heard and felt. Long-lasting sound and fatigue-free wearing comfort ensure carefree music enjoyment. And for as long as you want.
Give your music personality - with three interchangeable filters

For some, there is only the ideal of sound reproduced unaltered. Uncompromising, honest and neutral. And for this, iBasso has included the silver filter with the IT07 (which, strictly speaking, is not a filter at all, but merely protects the headphones from dirt inside).

If, on the other hand, you like more sparkle and resolution in your music, simply swap the silver filter for the gold one and really experience every detail.

Or do you value maximum pressure and depth in your music? iBasso has thought of this too; in the form of the black filter. The treble is discreetly lowered and thus the focus is directed more towards the low frequencies.

No matter which filter you choose: Enthusiasm is guaranteed.
Fully equipped - and with a bulging accessories package

When you unpack the iBasso IT07, you first encounter a black cardboard box (in the true sense of the word). But this box has a lot to offer!

Besides the iBasso IT07 itself - elegantly packed in a metal transport box - you will find the headphone cable made of pure silver as well as the three additional filters in silver, gold and black. Then the noble in-ear headphones come with an adapter cable from 3.5 mm jack to 2.5 mm balanced jack and no less than 15 (!) pairs of ear tips. Of course, the appropriate operating instructions are also included in case a question should arise.

A really "full programme".


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Modellbezeichnung: iBasso IT07 Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm...

Modellbezeichnung: iBasso IT07
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm
Frequenzumfang: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 108 dB (1 kHz)
Impedanz: 16 Ω
Kabellänge: 1,2 Meter
Gewicht: 6,5 Gramm (pro Ohrhörer ohne Kabel)

2,5 mm Klinke/3,5 mm Klinke (per Adapter)

  • iBasso IT07
  • Transportbox aus Metall
  • 1,2 Meter Kopfhörerkabel aus Reinsilber
  • drei Filter in Silber, Gold und Schwarz
  • Adapterkabel von 3,5 mm Klinke auf 2,5 mm symmetrische Klinke
  • 15 Paar Ear-Tips
  • Bedienungsanleitung
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