iBasso AM05

iBasso AM05
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iBasso AM05 - All Music! The iBasso AM05 in-ear headphones in summary: Rarely has a product...
Product information "iBasso AM05"

iBasso AM05 - All Music!

The iBasso AM05 in-ear headphones in summary: Rarely has a product designation fitted so well as with the iBasso AM05. Its vocation is already in the name, because the "AM" is the abbreviation for "All Music".

And that's what it delivers; everything for music! And the "05" in the name is not a random number, but stands for the number of balanced-armature drivers in the headphones. And what else it has to offer, you can find out here.

    Perfectly balanced - Five (!) balanced-armature drivers in one housing
    Divide and conquer - 4-way crossover for great sound
    The choice is yours - Fully balanced and classic operation with adapter
    Absolute transparency - Transparent enclosure in two different colours
    Full programme - Lots of practical accessories included in delivery

Five experts in concert - Teamwork that pays off!

iBasso AM05 in profile

Balanced-armature drivers are true specialists in their field. Although the drivers can only cover a very small frequency band, they do so with the highest precision and accuracy.

Since the drivers themselves are quite small, they can be "stacked" wonderfully in a headphone housing like the iBasso AM05 to cover the entire frequency range cleanly and stably. And that is exactly what is done here. the best way to hear how well this works is simply to listen for yourself.
Four paths lead to one goal - first-class sound

iBasso AM05 disassembled

The Balanced Armature drivers are only "part of the magic". It is at least as important that they are also perfectly matched, as each BA driver only reaches its absolute peak within a small frequency range.

And so hundreds of tuning steps were necessary until the developers were finally satisfied with a 4-way crossover. An effort that pays off. A clear, focused and "fast" sound.

Listen for yourself!
Symmetrical or classical music listening - you decide

iBasso AM05 with two cable versions

The iBasso AM05 is internally fully balanced - and so is the headphone cable supplied. If you connect it to a source that can output balanced music, you will benefit from twice the power of the source, maximum channel separation and undisturbed music enjoyment.

And if your source does not have a balanced output, no problem. In that case, the AM05 can also be operated unbalanced with the included jack adapter. Quite simple.

But the freedom of choice goes even further! Thanks to the MMCX connection, you can connect almost any other headphone cable in addition to the supplied connection cable. It only has to have an MMCX connection. There's no easier way to personalise the sound character. And in the event of a cable break, you are also prepared.
Nothing to hide - reveals the "inner values

iBasso AM05 with transparency

The elegantly curved (and comfortable to wear) in-ear headphones impress not only with their pretty exterior, but also with their inner values. Through its optional green or blue faceplate, you can literally "watch" the built-in technology at work.

So the iBasso AM05 not only sounds beautiful, it also looks it.
Practical accessories in the scope of delivery - leaving nothing to be desired

iBasso AM05 with accessories

As befits a pair of headphones aimed at demanding music listeners, the iBasso AM05 leaves nothing to be desired in terms of accessories.

In addition to the high-quality metal storage box, the 1.2 metre long balanced headphone cable made of silver-coated copper is included. Also included is the jack adapter from 2.5 mm balanced jack to 3.5 mm jack, 12 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, as well as 2 pairs of ear tips made of memory foam.

Or in other words: an all-round successful package!

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Technische Daten Treiber: 5 Knowles Balanced Armature, 4-way crossover Frequenzgang:...

Technische Daten

  • Treiber: 5 Knowles Balanced Armature, 4-way crossover
  • Frequenzgang: 10Hz ~ 40kHz
  • Empfindlichkeit: 115 ± 2 dB
  • Impedanz: 32Ω
  • Kabel: 1.2m mit MMCX Steckern
  • Gewicht: 13.2g
  • Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5 mm
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