HifiMan Ananda Nano

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HiFiMAN Ananda Nano Ananda Nano is the fourth generation of the successful HIFIMAN Ananda...
Product information "HifiMan Ananda Nano"

HiFiMAN Ananda Nano

Ananda Nano is the fourth generation of the successful HIFIMAN Ananda model. In contrast to earlier versions, it has a silver colour scheme and visually catches up with the models of the 1000 series. A lot has changed inside, too, because Ananda Nano not only relies on the oval diaphragm surface of the larger models, but also uses stealth magnets to minimise the diffraction of sound waves at the magnets on the front and back of the magnetostatic diaphragm. It is precisely this diaphragm that is special about the Ananda, as its thickness is now described in nanometre rather than micrometre terms. It is once again thinner and, above all, has a different damping than all previous Ananda models.

From a purely sonic point of view, this means that more happens than one might expect at first glance. The new diaphragm brings more details to the ear than its predecessors, which were already praised for their richness of detail, and thus creates a significantly larger space. However, contrary to what one might expect, this is not at all at the expense of naturalness, because the new damping of the diaphragm creates an almost beguiling naturalness and grace in the sound image. The Ananda Nano plays with aplomb, and the tendency to over-emphasise the high frequencies of the previous series is now a thing of the past. Voices benefit from this detailed work on the diaphragms. Listening to the radio presenter, one notices more articulation in the voice and the professional can very quickly pick out what kind of microphone is being used. However, string instruments benefit even more. Here, the smallest changes in playing are now even more effortlessly comprehensible and the musical tension of even complex works is easier to understand.
However, it should not be concealed that there is also a small disadvantage to be accepted. The Ananda Nano now uses a diaphragm with 14 Ohm impedance. This means that it is as low impedance as is otherwise only known from in-ear monitors. In order to handle it well, the headphone amplifier used should be able to deliver at least half a watt, or even a whole watt into this impedance, in order to act in a controlled and crisp manner even in the bass range. This is easy for high-quality stationary devices, but a challenge for mobile use. The Ananda Nano comes with a soft case for transport and the included cable has a length of 3 metres. A play-in time of 150 hours is recommended. However, you may still give it a listen before that.

Frequency range: 5 Hz - 55 kHz
Impedance: 14 Ohm
Sound pressure level: 94 dB
Weight without cable: 420 g
Cable (oxygen-free copper): 3 m long, angled 3.5 mm jack incl. 6.35 mm jack adapter on the input side and 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack on the output side

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