HiFiMAN RE600 V1

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  • HL01925
 The Hifiman RE600 is the big brother of the Hifiman RE400 and is aimed at audiophile music...
Product information "HiFiMAN RE600 V1"

 The Hifiman RE600 is the big brother of the Hifiman RE400 and is aimed at audiophile music listeners with more sophisticated needs.

It offers more features and the possibility of balanced operation.

The HiFiMAN RE-600 is nicknamed Songbird, referring to its beautiful voice reproduction. It is the big brother of the RE-400, with which it shares the venitlated cabinet design. The driver used, however, also has an above-average size of 8.5mm, but is equipped with a differently shaped titanium cone and a lighter voice coil. Furthermore, the supply cable is not only symmetrical, but also ends in a 4-pole plug to allow symmetrical drive by appropriate amplifiers. An adapter for normal unbalanced headphone connections is included.The RE-600 has a black lacquered cabinet with silver backs and uses a special cable combining monocrystalline copper and monocrystalline silver. The HiFiMAN-designed driver is patent-pending in the US and China.The RE-600 has an always pleasant yet clear soundstage, with deep but never thickened bass and velvety yet detailed highs. It makes the sonic differences between different playback devices very clear and the sonic capabilities grow with the quality of the drive. A break-in period of 150 hours is recommended and it is advisable to work with the amply enclosed ear tips to achieve a perfect fit in the ear canal.

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