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The HE-R10D is the first "real" closed headphone from HIFIMAN and at the same time a statement....
Product information "HifiMAN HE-R10D"

The HE-R10D is the first "real" closed headphone from HIFIMAN and at the same time a statement. The dynamic headphones are based on a legendary model. And by the way, it can also support Bluetooth in no less than five formats.

HIFIMAN HE-R10D is a reinterpretation of the Sony MDR-R10 model, which is much sought-after by audiophile collectors. These headphones appeared on the market in 1989 and cost a gigantic DM 7,500 by the standards of the time. HIFIMAN adopts its characteristic design, which was developed to combine a relatively large volume with minimal reverberation. The HE-R10D's ear cups are CNC-milled from solid cherry wood and lacquered with satin cellulose lacquer that is impervious to fingerprints. The construction is fixed in a ring of black anodised aluminium.

Inside is a dynamic driver with a diameter of 50 millimetres. Its membrane is covered with several layers of different nanoparticles. This technique is based on the knowledge gained by company founder Fang Bian in the course of his doctoral thesis in New York. The voice coil of the HE-R10D has an untypically large diameter for headphones and is driven by a very powerful rare earth magnet.

The models delivered by Sieveking Sound come with a modified headband construction - in contrast to the original version. This allows the use of the included Bluemini with USB DAC function as well as headphone control with separate supply cables for left and right channel. The Bluetooth module Bluemini supports the codecs SBC, AAC, AptX, AptX-HD and LDAC and the standard 5.0. And yes, if necessary, you can even make phone calls with the module plugged in. For wired operation, HIFIMAN cables are included in three variants.

The HE-R10D plays differently than most headphone fans are used to from closed models. It's not a headphone that celebrates opulent bass, but rather a dynamic headphone that plays naturally and is dedicated to hours of relaxed music enjoyment. The headphones unfold their full potential after about 200 hours of listening time. Then you will experience a simply "right" bass foundation, a vocal fondness that is rare in dynamic drivers, as well as a micro-detailed yet velvety high frequency range. The Sony MDR-R10 would be amazed if it knew what has become possible today.

The HIFIMAN HE-R10D is ideal for music listeners who do not want to disturb their surroundings with an open design or who want to escape the noise that surrounds them. If you have a very high-quality headphone amplifier, you should try the balanced control via 4-pin XLR connection. Those who only use a computer with a moderate sound card can use the Bluemini as a high-quality D/A converter and benefit from the balanced drive of the little wonder adapter. The Bluetooth module is charged at the same time.

As usual with HIFIMAN, the ear pads are made of a mixture of materials. Towards the ear, a polyester fibre is used, the inner and outer parts are made of artificial leather. The height adjustment is slightly grated and the headband is padded. So nothing stands in the way of good wearing comfort. The three headphone cables are integrated into a silicone tube and covered with fabric.

The HE-R10D are delivered in a jewellery box.

Closed headphone design

Dynamic driver

Frequency range: 15 Hz - 35 kHz

Impedance: 32 Ω Characteristic sound pressure: 103 dB

Weight without cable: approx. 337g

Scope of delivery:

1 x connection cable 1.5 m; 3.5 mm stereo jack -> 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack

1 x connection cable 3 m, 6.3 mm stereo jack -> 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack

1 x connection cable 3 m, 4-pin XLR -> -> 2 x 3.5 mm stereo jack

1 x USB-A -> USB-C connection cable for Bluemini

1 x Bluemini - Bluetooth adapter and USB-DAC (approx. 8 hours battery life)

1 x jewellery box for storage

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Spezifikationen: Geschlossenes Kopfhörerdesign Dynamischer Treiber...


  • Geschlossenes Kopfhörerdesign

  • Dynamischer Treiber

  • Frequenzbereich: 15 Hz - 35 kHz

  • Impedanz: 32 Ω Kennschalldruck: 103 dB

  • Gewicht ohne Kabel: ca. 337g

  • Lieferumfang:

  • 1 x Anschlusskabel 1,5 m; 3,5 mm Stereoklinke -> 2 x 3,5 mm Stereoklinke
    1 x Anschlusskabel 3 m, 6,3 mm Stereoklinke -> 2 x 3,5 mm Stereoklinke
    1 x Anschlusskabel 3 m, 4-Pin-XLR -> -> 2 x 3,5 mm Stereoklinke
    1 x USB-A -> USB-C Verbindungskabel für Bluemini
    1 x Bluemini - Bluetooth-Adapter und USB-DAC (ca. 8 Stunden Batterielaufzeit)
    1 x Schmuckbox für die Aufbewahrung
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