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For those who appreciate the sound signature of the legendary first model of the HIFIMAN HE1000...
Product information "HifiMAN Arya"

For those who appreciate the sound signature of the legendary first model of the HIFIMAN HE1000 and don't want to be priced at the level of its successor models HE1000 V2 or HE1000se, HIFIMAN now has a new magnetostat in its portfolio. The HIFIMAN Arya combines the sound quality of the HE1000 with a good shot of warmth and additionally improves the wearing comfort by using the proven construction of the Edition X V2. The models shipping from autumn 2021 use the "stealth magnets" of the larger HIFIMAN series and thus sound a little more refined.

The headband suspension of the all-black HIFIMAN Arya consists of a lightweight metal bracket and aluminium forks to hold the open, oval earcups. Weighing only 404 g, the headphones sit comfortably even when listening to music for long periods of time. Inside the earcups are the tried and tested black lacquered "Window Shade Grills" to protect the driver, which in turn is based on the drivers of the first HE1000. As with other HIFIMAN models, the thickness of the driver diaphragm is in the nanometre range. Like the HE1000, the Arya uses an asymmetrical magnetic structure, which means that the magnets on the inside, facing the ear, are smaller than those on the outside. This leads to reduced diffraction effects and thus more natural sound.

The Arya comes with Ultrapads V2 ear pads, a combination of leatherette on the outside, polyester cover and perforated leatherette on the inside. These can be replaced.

The enclosed 1.5 m long HIFIMAN cable is made of monocrystalline copper in a black braided hose. It is configured with a large jack on the input side and two 3.5 mm stereo jacks on the earcups. Inside, the cable has a four-core design to minimise channel crosstalk. Those interested in a longer cable or one with an even better sound should consider a CLEAR Light or CLEAR from Cardas Audio. If you are looking for a good adapter from a large jack to a small jack, you will also find it there.

The Arya prefers amplifiers with powerful headphone outputs or headphone amplifiers with an output of 1 Watt or more into the 35 Ohm impedance. It is not advisable to combine it with mobile phones. It needs about 120 hours of operation to sound completely free and airy. Once plugged in, it offers a sound image that seems rich and detailed at the same time and is blessed with ample space.

Open headphone design Magnetostatic driver

Impedance: 35 Ohm / 32 Ohm

stealth magnet version

Sound pressure level: 90 dB / 94 dB

stealth magnet version

Frequency response: 8 Hz - 65 kHz

Weight without cable: 404 g


Scope of delivery:

1 connection cable made of monocrystalline copper in 1.5 m length, 6.35 mm jack to two 3.5 mm stereo jacks

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Spezifikationen: Modell HiFiMAN Arya Bauweise: Offenes Kopfhörerdesign...


Modell HiFiMAN Arya
Bauweise: Offenes Kopfhörerdesign
Treiber: Magnetostatischer Treiber
Impedanz: 35 Ohm / 32 Ohm bei der Stealth-Magnet Version
Kennschalldruck: 90 dB / 94 dB bei der Stealth-Magnet Version
Frequenzgang: 8 Hz – 65 kHz
Gewicht ohne Kabel: 430 g
Im Lieferumfang enthalten: 1x Anschlusskabel aus monokristallinem Kupfer in 1,5 m Länge, 6,35 mm Klinke auf zwei 3,5 mm Stereoklinken
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