HifiMAN HE1000 Special Edition

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With the new "Special Edition" of the HE1000, HIFIMAN responds to the frequently expressed wish...
Product information "HifiMAN HE1000 Special Edition"

With the new "Special Edition" of the HE1000, HIFIMAN responds to the frequently expressed wish to be able to operate the reference headphones with small amplifiers or even mobile. The HE1000se enables remarkably good music reproduction and is thus in no way inferior to the HE1000V2, probably HIFIMAN's best-reviewed high-end headphones.

While the HE1000V2 demands a powerful headphone amplifier, the HIFIMAN developers have raised the HE1000se's sound pressure level by around 6 dB to make it easier to drive. This is made possible by using the extremely powerful, semi-circular neodymium magnets from the current flagship Susvara magnetostat. The special shape of the magnets not only increases the efficiency, but also makes the sound more open and dynamic by reducing diffraction effects. At the same time, the HE1000se uses an even thinner diaphragm than the HE1000V2.

There are also a few visual changes: The wooden side panels made of real wood veneer are now made of Makassar ebony and the headband is no longer brown but black.

Two cables with a length of 3 m (jack 6.35 mm and 4-pin XLR) and one cable with a length of 1.5 m (3.5 mm jack) are included in the delivery.

Before making a final sound assessment, HIFIMAN recommends a play-in time of a good 150 hours for the HE1000se.

Open headphone design

Magnetostatic driver

Impedance: 35 Ω ± 3 Ω

Characteristic sound pressure: 96 dB

Frequency range: 8 Hz - 65 kHz

Weight: 440 g


Scope of delivery

3 x headphone cable
- 1.5 m with 3.5 mm stereo jack to two 3.5 mm stereo jacks
- 3 m with 4-pin XLR plug to two 3.5 mm stereo jacks
- 3 m with 6.35 mm stereo jack to two 3.5 mm stereo jacks

1 x ear pad (attached to the headphones)

Sturdy leatherette box

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Spezifikationen: Modell HiFiMAN HE-1000 Special Edition Typ: offenes Design Treiber:...


ModellHiFiMAN HE-1000 Special Edition
Typ:offenes Design
Impedanz:35 Ω ± 3 Ω
Kennschalldruck:96 dB
Frequenzbereich: 8 Hz - 65 kHz
Gewicht:440 g

2 x Kopfhörerkabel
- 1,5 m mit 3,5 mm Klinke
- 1,5 m mit 4,4 mm TRRS Pentaconn-Stecker
1x Adapter von 3,5 mm auf 6,35 mm
1 x Ohrpolster (am Kopfhörer angebracht)

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