HifiMAN HE400se Stealth Edition

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HIFIMAN HE400SE - HIFIMAN does it again! The HIFIMAN HE400SE headphones in summary: If...
Product information "HifiMAN HE400se Stealth Edition"

HIFIMAN HE400SE - HIFIMAN does it again!

The HIFIMAN HE400SE headphones in summary: If HIFIMAN has just surprised us with the HE400i version 2020 and its excellent price / performance ratio, they get a short time later to the next trick: The HIFIMAN HE400SE! Based on the HE400i V2020, but even more affordable and intended for mobile use.
The highlights of the HIFIMAN HE400SE at a glance:

    -The perfect mobile companion - Low impedance, high efficiency.
    -Mag(net)ic attraction - "STEALTH MAGNET"- planar magnetic driver design
    -New Cable - This offer is for the HE400se with the upgraded cable.
    -Beveled ear pads - Noise isolation and temperature balancing
    -Optimized headband - Nicer, lighter and more comfortable to wear
    -Extremely convertible - Easily replace headphone cable

Small currents, big sound - The perfect headphones for on the go

HIFIMAN HE400SE in profile

If the "brother in spirit", the HIFIMAN HE400 V2020 with its 35 Ω impedance is already a fairly uncomplicated contemporary, the HE400SE makes life even easier for the smartphone or computer with its 25 Ω impedance.

With its efficiency of 91 decibels, it is ensured that even the rather coarse volume control of smartphones allows an accurate level gradation, without quiet or loud music passages requiring readjustment. Last but not least, the frequency range of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz also shows that practical planning was done here, with a focus on entry-level and mid-range cell phones and music players.

Sounds exciting? Just try it out and see for yourself.
Planar-magnetic instead of dynamic - sound with appeal

Just like the HE400i V2020, the HIFIMAN HE400SE uses a planar-magnetic drive, albeit modified. What is still the same, however, is that instead of a classic diaphragm and voice coil immersed in a magnet, a thin foil crisscrossed with wires is used between a series of permanent magnets to generate sound.

Planar-magnetic headphones have the advantage over their classically electrodynamically driven cousins in that the efficiency is very high due to the larger drive, and the impulse fidelity and resolution are also incredibly high due to the extremely light foil.

All it takes is a little more space (i.e., a larger enclosure) than most common headphones.

Angled ear pads - Comfortable and undisturbed listening

When you put on your headphones, that's the starting point for the "concert for one". Whether relaxed or rousing, the music plays just for you. To make sure it stays that way, the ear pads are beveled so that they rest perfectly on your ear and block out distracting noise from outside.

The ear pads themselves are made of soft and skin-friendly velour, covered with a durable layer of artificial leather. This guarantees first-class sound coupled with maximum comfort.
Headset optimized for mobile use - Tight but comfortable

The headband (i.e. the mechanical connection between the two earcups from ear to ear) relies on - you guessed it - the same concept as the 2020 model. HIFIMAN HE400SE. In other words, a combination of light weight and pleasantly even contact pressure.

"Contact pressure" is exactly the right keyword, though. After all, the HIFIMAN HE400SE sits a bit more firmly on the head than its 2020 counterpart. As a result, this version of the HE400 is once again recommended for use on the road, where things can get "down to business".
Small but clever changes - even in the headphone cable

The HIFIMAN HE400i version 2020 is delivered with a rather solid cable with a noble fabric jacket, which makes it perfect for stationary use at the PC or home headphone amplifier.

However, since the HE400SE is aimed more at mobile use, the headphone cable here was also in doubt and reconsidered. On the road, the cable must be flexible, fit into a pocket and also withstand bad weather (such as rain). A textile jacket seemed unsuitable and so HIFIMAN opted for a rubber coating for the cable.

What has remained, however, is the adapter from 3.5 mm jack to 6.3 mm jack in the scope of delivery and the possibility to easily replace the headphone cable thanks to the 3.5 mm jack connections on the headphones.

So, which type are you? Relaxed listening to music at home or music always with you? No matter what you choose, HIFIMAN has the right headphones for you.

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    Marke: HIFIMAN Modellbezeichnung: HIFIMAN HE400SE...

Modellbezeichnung: HIFIMAN HE400SE
Frequenzumfang: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 91 dB
Impedanz: 25 Ω
Konnektivität: 3,5/6,35 mm Klinke (per Adapter)
Archiv: Nein
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