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Since 1953, Grado Labs has evolved at its own pace, and the first Grado wireless headphones are...
Product information "Grado GW100"

Since 1953, Grado Labs has evolved at its own pace, and the first Grado wireless headphones are just the first step in what's to come. Grado has taken its time to get the sound just right and has made no compromises with the GW100. Apart from the cables, nothing has been lost.

Inside the GW100 are none other than the signature Grado drivers. These are the same drivers Grado builds for its wired headphones and are fine-tuned for the different enclosures used. Grado Labs' first wireless headphones are no different, as the drivers are configured specifically for these headphones. The desired sonic characteristics of the GW100 would not have been possible without decades of experience in driver development.

The GW100 is the world's first open-concept Bluetooth headphone. The speaker enclosures and inner workings have been redesigned from the ground up and now work together to reduce escaping sound by up to 60%.

There is a design language that has run through all Grado headphones since Grado started making headphones almost 30 years ago. The GW100 continues this and even at first glance looks like it's part of the family. These Grado wireless headphones are a milestone in Grado's 65-year history.

- Bluetooth version: 5.0

- Battery capacity: 850mAH

- Range: up to 10m

Battery life: 40 hours**

- Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz

- Microphone sensitivity: 42dB +/- 3dB

- Transducer type: Dynamic

- Operating principle: Open Air

- SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB

- Nominal impedance: 32 Ohm

- Driver tuning dB: .05 dB

In the box: headphones, warranty, Grado story sheet, USBc charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable

*Compared to wired headphones. Leakage reduction varies in certain situations. Data is based on appropriate distance, angle and genre of music being played.

**Based on 50% volume throughout play time. Battery varies depending on volume and music genre.

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Spezifikationen: Reichweite: bis zu 10m Bluetooth-Version: 5.0...


  • Reichweite: bis zu 10m

  • Bluetooth-Version: 5.0

  • Batteriekapazität: 850mAH

  • Batterielebensdauer: 40 Stunden**

  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz~20KHz

  • Mikrofon-Empfindlichkeit: 42dB +/- 3dB

  • Schallwandler-Typ: Dynamisch

  • Funktionsprinzip: Open Air

  • SPL 1mW: 99,8 dB

  • Nominale Impedanz: 32 Ohm

  • Treiberabstimmung dB: 0,05 dB

  • Lieferumfang: Kopfhörer, Garantie-Karte, Grado Datenblatt, USB-C-Ladekabel, 3,5-mm-Audiokabel.


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