FiiO LC-3.5BS

FiiO LC-3.5BS
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FiiO LC-3.5BS - High-quality 3.5 mm MMCX headphone cable The FiiO LC-3.5BS at a glance: The...
Product information "FiiO LC-3.5BS"

FiiO LC-3.5BS - High-quality 3.5 mm MMCX headphone cable

The FiiO LC-3.5BS at a glance: The FiiO LC-3.5BS is a high quality headphone cable with MMCX connector and 3.5mm jack to replace or upgrade your headphones.

    Convenient MMCX connector - Compatible with a huge range of headphones.
    High quality materials - Copper coated silver for highest sound purity
    Gold-plated connector - Long-lasting and high-quality connection to the player
    Flexible and robust - 192 single conductors in a durable jacket
    Extra short cable - 45 centimetres long - No more knots!

Best compatibility with headphones thanks to MMCX connector

FiiO LC-3.5BS with headphones

With the MMCX connector, which is improved in handling and durability compared to standard cables, the FiiO LC-3.5BS headphone cable can be connected to a huge number of headphones.

This makes it the perfect upgrade for high-quality headphones, as well as a replacement for broken cables.
High-quality inner workings guarantee the best sound

FiiO LC-3.5BS Hero

An extremely high-quality mix of materials is used in the FiiO LC-3.5BS. Silver is used as the base material, which is coated with high-purity copper.
Gold-plated 3.5 mm jack plug ensures an optimal connection

FiiO LC-3.5BS plug

Headphones are sometimes plugged in and unplugged from the player or smartphone several times a day. On the one hand, a robust plug is needed that is resistant to scratches and other damage, but at the same time scores with low resistance and low impedance.

What could be more obvious than to use a high-quality gold-plated jack plug that combines exactly these advantages?
Flexible and robust, high-quality headphone cable

FiiO cable made from individual conductors

192 high-quality individual conductors are wired into a total of eight strands, which are combined in a high-quality sheath.

This not only protects the cable against interference, but also effectively prevents microphonic effects (the unpleasant scratching when the cable rubs against your jacket or jumper).
Extra short cable for maximum listening pleasure and comfort

FiiO LC-3.5BS with BTR1

Especially those who listen to music on the go will be happy about the short cable with a length of 45 centimetres.

After all, almost all of us know the situation of having knots in the cable, getting tangled in it or even getting caught somewhere with the cable.

This cable puts an end to that!

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    Modellbezeichnung: FiiO LC-3.5BS

Modellbezeichnung: FiiO LC-3.5BS