FiiO ML06 Micro-USB to Micro-USB OTG

FiiO ML06 Micro-USB to Micro-USB OTG
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FiiO ML06 - Micro USB to Micro USB in high quality The highlights of the FiiO ML06 at a glance:...
Product information "FiiO ML06 Micro-USB to Micro-USB OTG"

FiiO ML06 - Micro USB to Micro USB in high quality
The highlights of the FiiO ML06 at a glance:

    Micro USB to Micro USB - Connects the two most common USB formats together.
    The perfect length - Six centimetre long cable
    Shielded copper in the cable - High signal purity and sound quality
    Angled 90° aluminium connectors - Highest durability and stability
    The perfect USB OTG cable - The power rail is not connected

Micro USB to Micro USB connection

FiiO ML06 large view
The FiiO ML06 brings the two most popular USB connections together in a high-quality way.

Perfect for connecting smartphones and portable music players to a separate D/A converter via USB in the best possible way for sound quality.
The perfect length? Six centimetres!

FiiO ML06 on the FiiO X7 Mark II with FiiO Q5

With a cable length of six centimetres, there is no danger of getting caught anywhere with the cable. Yet you can connect almost any device to any device.
High-quality copper, shielded against interference

To ensure that the music arrives in the same way as it comes out of the smartphone or player, high-quality copper is used in the cable, which is also shielded against harmful external influences.

So that only what is output arrives. Good music.
Angled aluminium connectors

FiiO ML06 on FiiO X7 Mark II with FiiO Q5

Maximum durability is ensured by encasing the connectors in aluminium.

But to protect the connectors of the smartphone or music player and the D/A converter, the connectors are angled at 90°.

This means that there is considerably less load on the plugs and the risk of breakage is therefore significantly reduced.
The technical features....

On the FiiO ML06, the conductors that are necessary for charging devices are not connected. Therefore, charging is not possible with this cable.

What sounds like a mistake at first has a very practical purpose: Some Android smartphones do not recognise the connected D/A converter correctly and then charge it from their battery.

This often leads to the connected D/A converter (with its own battery) being full to the brim with power, while the smartphone is empty.

So here, too, they have thought along so that your smartphone has enough power throughout the day.
Are you looking for the perfect connection?

Take a look at the FiiO ML06 cable. You can get it directly from us in the shop or check it out at your local retailer.

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