FiiO HB3

FiiO HB3
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FiiO HB3 - Tidy, robust and elegantly packaged     High quality polyurethane -...
Product information "FiiO HB3"

FiiO HB3 - Tidy, robust and elegantly packaged

    High quality polyurethane - Durable and robust
    Soft inner lining - Protects from scratches and damage
    Integrated mesh - Keeps everything in place
    Magnetic closure - Easy and discreet closure
    Available in two colours - Elegant blue or racy red

Beautiful and durable - The exterior of the HB3

FiiO HB3 in red and blue

The outer shell is made of high-quality polyurethane to ensure that your beloved music player and headphones, as well as any accessories, are safe and protected against external influences at all times.
Hard on the outside, soft on the inside - Softly lined interior

FiiO HB3 with accessories held in your hand

Now your music player with its accessories is protected against external damage, but there are still dangers on the inside.

That's why the inside of the FiiO HB3 is lined with soft, velvety fabric. Fabric that ensures that all the items stored inside the bag will not come to any harm.
Do you like tangled cables? No?

FiiO HB3

Neither do we. That's why we're even more pleased that the FiiO HB3 also has an integrated elastic net, which keeps everything in place. For example, headphone cables or USB cables that otherwise tend to get tangled and knotted.
Magnetic closure for a tidy look

FiiO HB3

Push-buttons wear out over time, and zips run the risk of breaking. So what could be more obvious than to use magnets for the closure?

Exactly, and that's why two strong magnets are integrated into the FiiO HB3 to ensure that the two halves always stay neatly and firmly closed.
Elegant peacock blue or racy agate red? The choice is yours

FiiO HB3 in blue and red

With these two colours, you'll always make the right choice. Keep your portable music player safe and stylish. No matter which colour you choose.
Do you have something you want to protect and keep safe?

Then you should take a look at the FiiO HB3 directly in the official FiiO shop , or at your local dealer.

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    Modellbezeichnung: FiiO HB3

Modellbezeichnung: FiiO HB3
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