FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022

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FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 Pure sound enjoyment with the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 headphone cable As...
Product information "FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022"

FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022

Pure sound enjoyment with the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 headphone cable

As an audio enthusiast, you can enjoy sound at its best with the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022. Thanks to high-quality materials, the headphone cable guarantees virtually loss-free transmission of all audio signals in all frequencies. In addition, the cable impresses with its extremely precise and high-quality workmanship as well as high durability and longevity. The FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 is suitable for all in-ear headphones with MMCX connection and can be used as a replacement cable or as an upgrade to improve the sound characteristics. The cable comes with 3 different interchangeable jack plugs, making it ideal for connecting to a variety of audio sources.

Technical specifications of the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 headphone cable

The FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 headphone cable offers the following features and characteristics:

  •     Wearing method: over the ear
  •     Headphone connection: MMCX
  •     Audio connection: jack plug, interchangeable, 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm
  •     Cable wire material: gold, silver and copper
  •     Cable construction: twisted strands, 8 strands with a total of 360 individual wires
  •     Cable insulation: transparent TPU from German production
  •     Cable length without plug: approx. 120 cm
  •     Material headphone connector: stainless steel, polished and with PVC coating for high wearing comfort

Optimal frequency transmission thanks to material mix in the cable

The cable of the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 headphone cable is made of a material mix of gold, silver and copper. This ensures optimal transmission of all frequency ranges and thus a rich and at the same time natural sound. Even the arrangement of the individual strands in relation to each other has been optimised in the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 so that the highest degree of precision is achieved in the transmission of audio signals of all kinds. The arrangement of the strands minimises noise and feedback effects and reduces resistance for perfect signal transmission. To make it easier for you to connect the cable, the connectors on both sides have been coded with a coloured ring. Blue stands for the right side and red for the left side. Of course, the earphone plugs as well as all enclosed jack plugs are gold-plated.

Highly durable cable for a long service life

The FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 is equipped with a cable insulation made of high-quality, transparent TPU (thermoplastic). This comes from German production and is characterised by maximum durability and resistance to external influences. Even after a long period of use, it does not change colour under the influence of sunlight. Furthermore, it is resistant to high and low temperatures and does not lose its high flexibility even at extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the material is particularly soft and thus offers maximum comfort when wearing the headphones.

Interchangeable jack plugs

The gold-plated, interchangeable jack plugs of the FiiO LC-RE Pro 2022 are equipped with a patented twist-lock fastening system and can therefore be changed quickly and easily. At the same time, the system prevents the plug from accidentally coming loose. Depending on the audio source used, you can choose a plug with 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm.

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