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  • HL01790.TITAN
In the field of high-quality in-ear headphones, the manufacturer FiiO Electronics Technology...
Product information "FiiO FH9"

In the field of high-quality in-ear headphones, the manufacturer FiiO Electronics Technology Inc. Co. now offers an impressive product portfolio with various technologies. The new FiiO FH9 takes on the role of the flagship of the manufacturer's in-ear series. It belongs to the hybrid headphone systems that feature a dynamic driver as well as several BA drivers (Balanced Armature). The hybrid series represents the most successful series of FiiO in-ear speakers.
Features and highlights of the FiiO FH9

The new FiiO FH9 in-ear features a number of special characteristics, ranging from the construction to the enormous frequency response.

    1 Dynamic driver with 13.6 millimetre DLC diaphragm
    6 Balanced Armature (BA) drivers
    Frequency range: 10 Hertz to 40 Kilohertz
    Replaceable audio filter
    Efficiency 108 decibels
    Maximum input power / power handling: 100 milliwatts
    High-quality cable made of pure silver wire
    Interchangeable 2.5 millimetre, 3.5 millimetre or 4.4 millimetre plugs
    Titanium housing

Construction and principle of the FiiO FH9

The FiiO FH9 consists of a high-quality titanium housing. This is of a semi-open design. Unlike other in-ears, which often have ventilation openings, the FiiO FH9's paceplate is permeable to air. This is achieved by protecting the open areas with a filigree mesh. The open design principle allows the dynamic driver to move completely freely. In this way, pressure equalisation occurs naturally, while distortion is also avoided. Both contribute to long and fatigue-free listening.
FiiO FH9 package and delivery

As is typical for the market, FiiO Electronics Technology Inc. includes a comprehensive range of accessories with its new FH9 headphones. In addition to the actual in-ears, the scope of delivery includes a high-quality case (FiiO HB5), a detachable cable, interchangeable plugs, three pairs of sound filters, numerous tips of various sizes and formats, cable clip and cleaning brush. The cable can be connected with several interchangeable plugs that can be quickly interchanged. Balanced plugs with 2.5 or 4.4 millimetres are included as well as a 3.5 millimetre unbalanced plug.
Technology and sound of the FiiO FH9

In the FH9 model, the manufacturer uses the Knowles drivers already known from other FiiO products for the BA drivers. The bass is generated by the dynamic DLC driver with its diameter of 13.5 millimetres. This bass provides a deep frequency response, which also has a high assertiveness in the upper bass. Depending on the productions you listen to, this can significantly enrich the sound image. With low bass recordings, the FH9 ensures that the existing bass is better perceived. If the production of the music is already bass-heavy, the bass can move to the foreground, but not at the expense of the highs and mids. In the mids, the Balanced Armature drivers from Knowles are finely tuned.

The range of highs and super-highs is of balanced tuning in the FiiO FH9, which does not move too much to the foreground.

Thanks to the included sound filters, it is always possible to adjust the sound to a certain extent to personal preferences. The bass filter provides a particularly dynamic and deep bass foundation. Those who prefer a high-resolution sound image with a high level of detail, especially in the treble, will benefit from the treble filter. The balanced filters provide a well-balanced sound image that transparently and clearly combines the advantages of the different sound worlds.
Cabinet, workmanship and quality

The workmanship and design of the FiiO FH9 are exceptional: the housing is made of titanium and has the noble matt grey finish typical of this material. The design is designed for a universal fit, as these are universal in-ear headphones. The manufacturer does not use a special anatomical design. FiiO relies on a high quality of workmanship and all components are optimally matched and joined together.
The cable of the FiiO FH9

A special feature is the cable with its interchangeable plug systems. The supplied cable is basically designed for balanced operation, but also supports unbalanced operation by changing the plugs. In this way, the cable or headphones can be operated with a classic 3.5 millimetre jack plug as well as with the 2.5 millimetre jack and 4.4 millimetre jack formats.

Thanks to the two balanced plugs (2.5 and 4.4 millimetres) and the unbalanced 2.5 millimetre plug, there is a high degree of flexibility in the operation of the FiiO FH9. The plugs can be quickly exchanged at any time and the headphones can be adapted to a wide variety of playing partners.

Sufficient volume levels are also possible with the FiiO FH9 In Ear headphones in unbalanced operation with 3.5 millimetre jack. The characteristic sound pressure level is 108 dB / mW at an impedance of 18 ohms. In combination with the maximum power consumption of 100 mW, volumes of up to 128 dB are possible.

The cable meets high standards in terms of construction and workmanship. The cable consists of 8 strands of 28 cores each and is made of monocrystalline silver. This provides a certain strength to the cable, which is, however, extremely comfortable to wear. The MMCX connectors are in stainless steel housings that can be rotated.
Case and storage of the FiiO FH9

The FiiO FH9 come in the FiiO HB5 case, which is already familiar from other headphones from the manufacturer. This high-quality case is made of imitation leather. The case is functional and precisely designed for the safe storage of the headphones. For this purpose, it offers an optimal size and compartments specially designed for the in-ears.

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 Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FH9 Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm Typ:...

 Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FH9
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5,5 mm
Typ: Halboffen
Frequenzumfang: 10kH~40kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 108dB (1kHz @ 1mW)
Impedanz: 18 Ω (@ 1kHz)
Kabellänge: 120 cm
Gewicht: ca. 12,8 g (ohne Kabel)
Farbe: Titan, Schwarz
Konnektivität: MMCX, 2,5/ 3,5/ 4,4 mm Klinke
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