FiiO EM5

FiiO EM5
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FiiO EM5 - The anti-in-ear headphones The FiiO EM5 in summary: If you're looking for...
Product information "FiiO EM5"

FiiO EM5 - The anti-in-ear headphones

The FiiO EM5 in summary: If you're looking for high-quality music playback with unobtrusive headphones, but don't like in-ear headphones, here's the solution: the FiiO EM5 flat-head headphones. Compact as an in-ear, they don't need to be inserted into the ear canal.
The highlights of the FiiO EM5 at a glance:

    Earbud instead of in-ear - nothing to put in the ear canal here.
    Beryllium-coated driver - crisp and dynamic sound
    3D printed housing - Perfect fit and look
    High-quality headphone cable - With 120 strands of pure silver
    Wonderfully convertible - Interchangeable plug with 2.5/3.5/4.4 mm connection

Earbuds - The smart alternative to in-ear headphones

FiiO EM5 close-up

The in-ear, i.e. the headphone that is placed in the ear, dominates the worldwide market, but there are definitely people who do not like the feeling in the ear and therefore reject this design.

If you don't fancy in-ear headphones, but are still looking for extremely compact headphones and don't want to compromise on sound quality, take a look and listen to the FiiO EM5. These also go in the ear, but only rest on the ear canal (instead of being plugged in) and still deliver excellent sound.
Beryllium-coated driver - combining the extremes

FiiO EM5 driver

For first-class sound, drivers are needed that are supposed to combine completely contradictory characteristics. On the one hand, they need to be as stiff and resistant to distortion as possible, but on the other hand, they need to be as light as possible to respond to impulses as quickly as possible and reproduce the music signal faithfully.

Beryllium solves this problem. On the one hand, it is extremely strong and effectively hardens the 14.2 millimetre diaphragm in the headphones against unwanted distortions in the music signal, but at the same time it is wonderfully light, so that the impulse fidelity of the driver is maintained.
Intricately 3D printed headphone housing

FiiO EM5 3D printed housing

What you might not notice at first glance is that the housing of the headphones is made of one piece. So there are no seams, glue points or even screw connections, but the housing is really one single part. All of this is made possible by the long experience with 3D printing, the process by which the housing of the headphones is created. Made of medical, skin-friendly and semi-transparent resin.

This also makes things like the precisely calculated bass reflex tube possible, which helps the FiiO EM5 to achieve its powerful, contoured and deep bass.
High-purity silver throughout the headphone cable - uncompromising quality

FiiO EM5 headphone cable

When it comes to music, every detail counts. Like, for example, the 1.20 metre long headphone cable used. FiiO knows this and makes no compromises. To connect the plug to the headphones, 120 individual conductors of high-purity sterling silver are used, all of which work together to ensure a lively and clear sound.
Always the right headphone connection - in the blink of an eye

FiiO EM5 connections

The variety of high-quality music players has increased steadily over the years. And with it, the variety of headphone outputs. Today, in addition to the standard 3.5 mm jack, there is also the 2.5 mm jack and, increasingly, the massive 4.4 mm jack. If you use several devices in parallel, you now have the choice of either having to commit to one connection or having to buy several cables.

Or, the headphone cable offers the possibility to simply exchange the connection. This is the case with the FiiO EM5. Namely from the 2.5 mm jack plug to the 3.5 mm jack plug to the 4.4 mm jack plug. With two simple steps and a twist.
Lots of accessories included - Various ear tips included

FiiO EM5 with accessories

Every ear and every listening taste is different. That's why the FiiO EM5 comes with no less than 18 (!) different pairs of ear tips in various sizes and sound settings. Six pairs are included for bass lovers. Six pairs for all those who prefer a balanced sound reproduction and six pairs for all those who appreciate a high-frequency reproduction.

In addition, the FiiO HB3 bag is included in the scope of delivery, as well as the obligatory quick start guide.

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Spezifikationenen:   Typ Offene In-Ear Buds Frequenzgang: 10Hz -...



Typ Offene In-Ear Buds
Frequenzgang: 10Hz - 20kHz
Treiber Einzelner dynamischer 14,2-mm-Treiber mit Berylliumbeschichtung.
Impedanz 32Ω@1KHz
Empfindlichkeit: 109dB@1mW
Max. Leistungsausgabe 100mW
Kabelmaterial hochreines Sterling Silber
Kabellänge Ca. 120cm
Gewicht 23,9g (mit Kabel)


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