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FiiO FF5 FiiO FF5
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FiiO RM3 FiiO RM3
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FiiO HS18 FiiO HS18
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FiiO K3 FiiO K3
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FiiO Q3s FiiO Q3s
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FiiO K5 Pro ESS FiiO K5 Pro ESS
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FiiO D03K Taishan FiiO D03K Taishan
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FiiO FF3s FiiO FF3s
FiiO FF3S Interchangeable cable (0.78mm 2 pin) Interchangeable twist-lock connector 3.5mm and 4.4mm Aluminum alloy construction 14.2mm dynamic driver Beryllium-coated dome + PU sealing cone 2 types of foam covers included (crisp and bass...
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FiiO JH5 FiiO JH5
FiiO JH5 dynamic 4 BA hybrid IEMs 1 dynamic and 4 BA driver 10 mm carbon-based driver Four custom BA drivers per ear Three independent driver chambers High-precision 3D-printed construction Zinc alloy front panel Bass reinforcement with...
€99.00 *
FiiO BTR15 FiiO BTR15
FiiO BTR15 Bluetooth DAC und Kopfhörerverstärker QCC5125 + XU316 Hochleistungs-Kombination - hochauflösende Bluetooth/USB-Eingänge Wechsel der Modi mit nur einer Taste - PC / Bluetooth / PHONE - drei Modi mit einer Taste Globaler...
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FiiO BR13 FiiO BR13
FiiO BR13 Functional HiFi HiRes Bluetooth receiver HiFi Audio Architecture - ES9018K2M DAC+TPA1882 op-amp+Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip Bluetooth/USB/SPDIF - Three in one VA display Supports 7 Bluetooth codecs including LDAC Digital...
€59.00 *
FiiO FT5 FiiO FT5
FiiO FT5 Open magnetostatic 90 mm planar headphones Easy to drive even when mobile Large 90mm planar magnetic driver - Ultra-thin 6µm diaphragm Coil made of micron-coated aluminum-silver alloy Open construction / Lightweight magnesium...
€499.00 *
FiiO K11 FiiO K11
FiiO K11 DAC/Amp for the desktop Fully balanced design of DAC and amplifier Powerful output with 1.4 W 3-stage adjustable gain High-quality CS43198 DAC chipset Supports up to 384kHz/32Bit PCM and native DSD256 signals Specially developed...
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FiiO KA13 FiiO KA13
FiiO KA13 Desktop quality amplification yet portable High-performance dual CS43131 DAC chips Powerful dual 8262 OPAmps Supports PCM 32-bit/384kHz and native DSD256 audio signals Dual headphone outputs (3.5mm+4.4mm) Physical volume...
€79.00 *
FiiO JW1 FiiO JW1
FiiO / Jade Audio JW1 A completely new wearing concept (in front of the ear), ideal for not being completely cut off from the environment Open True Wireless Bluetooth headphones Open design that does not sit in the ear Versatility in all...
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FiiO FH11 FiiO FH11
FiiO FH11 1 DD+ 1 BA driver arrangement New generation carbon-based 10mm cone Specially tuned balanced-armature driver Three-chamber acoustic cavity design C-shaped acoustic flute Extremely coherent sound reproduction Strong bass,...
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FiiO LC-78A FiiO LC-78A
FiiO LC-78A Adapted MMCX headphone cable to 2-pin plug. This allows in-ear headphones with a 2-pin socket to be connected with an MMCX cable.
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FiiO FF1 FiiO FF1
FiiO FF1 Earbuds with detachable cable and beryllium-coated driver Large 2nd generation dynamic driver with 14.2 mm diameter PU+beryllium coated diaphragm Hidden acoustic resistance tubes for extended bass Open sound and comfortable to...
€34.90 *
FiiO HS19 FiiO HS19
FiiO HS19 12 pairs Ear Tips Content: Balanced Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pair L Vocal Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pair L Bass Ear Tips: 1 pair S / 1 pair M / 1 pari L Bi Flange Ear Tips: 1 pair M Foam Ear Tips: 2 pair M
€14.90 *
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