ddHifi C-B3

ddHifi C-B3
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ddHiFi DD C-B3 - Leatherette bag for the FiiO BTR3 The DD C-B3 leatherette bag in summary:...
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ddHiFi DD C-B3 - Leatherette bag for the FiiO BTR3

The DD C-B3 leatherette bag in summary: Anyone who owns a FiiO BTR3 will sooner or later (hopefully sooner) also think about how to protect it as well as possible from damage. And that's when the hour of the noble leatherette bag DD C-B3 from ddHiFi strikes.
The highlights of the DD C-B3 at a glance:

    Exclusive design - Specially developed for the FiiO BTR3.
    First-class protection - Packed in high-quality, soft imitation leather
    Soft on the outside and hard on the inside - Invisibly integrated steel plate
    Everything under control - Imprinting for the controls

Individual beats universal - Specially designed for the FiiO BTR3

ddHiFi DD C-B3 in two poses

Of course, you can put your mobile companion like the FiiO BTR3 in any universal bag where it will be protected somehow. Maybe you can even operate it to some extent. But: Why should you do that when there is also a bag designed especially for it?

A bag like the DD C-B3 from the accessories professional ddHiFi. Everything fits to the millimetre, your FiiO BTR3 is perfectly protected and, by the way, it's also smartly dressed.
First-class protection - Soft and durable imitation leather

ddHiFi DD C-M6 faux leather

The bags from ddHiFi are not only practical, they are also designed to last a long time and provide first-class protection for the equipment inside. The use of faux leather underlines this once again, as it is a cost-effective, robust and at the same time easy to work with material.

A clever combination that perfectly suits your FiiO BTR3.
Really something under the bonnet - Sturdy steel plate integrated

ddHiFi DD C-M6 multi-layer construction

Imitation leather is a relatively soft material, which means that in the case of the bag it fits the player perfectly. To ensure that the bag retains its shape over time, ddHiFi has integrated a U-shaped steel plate to do just that.

And there's even better protection against damage on top of that.
Full control at all times - with embossed controls

ddHiFi DD C-B3 controls

The beauty of the FiiO BTR3 is (among other things) that it's so easy to use. All the relevant buttons are slightly raised and look out a bit from the unit.

If they did the same with the DD C-B3 case, ddHiFi would undermine the protection concept. So they took a different approach and simply embossed the volume control and the two buttons into the leather, so that they can still be felt and operated.

The top of the FiiO BTR3 is completely cut out for easy access to the headphone jack and the USB port.

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    Modellbezeichnung: ddHiFi DD C-B3

Modellbezeichnung: ddHiFi DD C-B3