ddHifi TC100-OCA

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 ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter Product Information "ddHiFi...
Product information "ddHifi TC100-OCA"

 ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter

Product Information "ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter

ddHiFi TC100-COA - RCA to USB-C

ddHiFi was founded in 2017 and stands for Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to DACs and headphones, the manufacturer primarily offers a wide range of different adapters. ddHiFi has set itself the goal of focusing on a concise and short design language, producing user-friendly accessory products and focusing on product material and craftsmanship details, while always keeping costs under control.

The highlights of the ddHiFi TC100-COA at a glance:

- Supports 24 bit / 192 kHz

- Strand is made of pure OCC copper

- Constant impedance of 75 Ω

- High quality digital audio transformer

- Multiple lengths possible

From old to new in high quality

The ddHiFi TC100-COA is a USB-C to digital coaxial converter. With this converter, high-quality but technically dusty systems can still be used sensibly. To ensure that no compromises have to be accepted here, particular emphasis was placed on high material quality and workmanship. The centre conductor of the coaxial cable is made of 99.9999 % pure OCC copper, and the thickness enables a constant impedance of 75 Ω - which is crucial for coaxial transmission.

The inner workings play along

Internally, a DA101C audio transformer from Murata is at work, balancing the USB input and coaxial output circuits. This ensures a consistently high quality digital audio transmission. This puts a ddHiFi TC100-COA in a different technical dimension than inferior USB conversion devices that do not use such a chip.

Flexibility without limits

Because a USB-C port was chosen as the input, the use of a variety of different cables is possible. There are hardly any limits here, so connectors other than USB-C, USB-A or Lightning are also possible. Here, ddHiFi recommends the use of its own TCO9S and MFIO9 cables to achieve the best possible sound experience.* The ddHiFi TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter is available in two lengths.

Technical specifications

Brand: ddHiFi

Model: TC100-COA USB-C to Digital Coaxial Cable Converter

Weight: 45 g (35 cm), 65 g (65 cm)

Lengths: 35cm, 65 cm

Connector: RCA to USB-C

Sample rate: 24-bit 192kHz

*If an iPhone is used, the cable used must support OTG. The MFiO6S and MFiO9S data cables are recommended, or a suitable OTG adapter such as the ddHiFi TC28i and TC28i Pro.

If a connection with the included smartphone cable is not possible, a conventional USB 2.0 data cable should be used. Alternatively, the selection listed above is available for the best possible sound.

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