ddHifi TC09BA

ddHifi TC09BA
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ddHiFi TC09BA Product Information "ddHiFi TC09BA" ddHiFi TC09BA - USB-A to USB-B HiFi...
Product information "ddHifi TC09BA"

ddHiFi TC09BA

Product Information "ddHiFi TC09BA"

ddHiFi TC09BA - USB-A to USB-B HiFi Cable

Founded in 2017, ddHiFi stands for Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co, Ltd. The manufacturer mainly offers a wide range of different adapters in addition to DACs and headphones. ddHiFi aims to focus on a concise and short design language, produce user-friendly accessory products, and focus on product material and craftsmanship details while always keeping costs under control.

The highlights of the ddHiFi TC09BA at a glance:

- Double shielding

- Improved sound quality

- High quality insulating layer

- High purity oxygen-free copper wire

Interference-free sound due to double shielding

The ddHiFi TC09BA is a high-quality USB-A to USB-B cable in a class of its own. ddHiFi uses a double-shielded parallel structure so that power and data transmission are separated from each other for maximum protection. Visually, these cables intended for audiophiles can also score points. The current transmission presents itself silver coated, while the data transmission was held silver-black.

Best choice of material for unrestricted enjoyment

The ddHiFi TC09BA uses an insulation layer made of NUC High Precision Chemical Foam PE (Made in Japan) and highly transparent SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA), while the cable part is made of high-purity oxygen-free Litz copper and silver-plated Litz wire (LCOFC). The cable thus offers superior performance and can be selected in 50 and 100 cm lengths to suit your needs.

Technical Data

Brand: ddHiFi

Model: TC09BA

Weight: 31 g / 50 cm, 47 g / 100 cm

Dimensions: 50 cm, 100 cm

Connector: USB-A to USB-B


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