ddHifi BC120A (Forest)

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ddHiFi BC120A (Forest) Product information " BC120A (Forest)" ddHiFi BC120A (Forest) -...
Product information "ddHifi BC120A (Forest)"

ddHiFi BC120A (Forest)

Product information " BC120A (Forest)"

ddHiFi BC120A (Forest) - 2.5 mm Balanced Straight to MMCX/2-Pin

ddHiFi was founded in 2017 and stands for Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. The manufacturer offers a wide range of different adapters in addition to DACs and headphones. ddHiFi has set itself the goal of focusing on a concise and short design language, producing user-friendly accessory products and focusing on product material and craftsmanship details, while always keeping costs under control.

The highlights of the ddHiFi BC120A (Forest) at a glance:

- Very good insulation, inside and out

- 24K gold-plated copper material

- Combination of copper (OCC) and Kevlar

- Twisted pair cable harness

- Unique look due to coloured TPE sheathing

Material quality, shielding and green TPE

With the BC120A (Forest) ddHiFi has launched a 2.5 mm balanced cable on MMCX/2-pin, which is not only convincing in terms of sound. The green TPE jacket shields very well and creates a unique look. The cable harness itself is made of copper (OCC) with a purity of over 99.9999 %, with Kevlar added.

Each wire consists of 80 strands, which are then twisted together. This ensures loss-free transmission and a correspondingly high-quality sound experience.

The ddHiFi BCA120A (Forest) is included with the ddHiFi Janus in-ear headphones.

Flexible in use - plug of your choice

Independent of the in-house ddHiFi Janus in-ears, the ddHiFi BC120A (Forest) can also be used with headphones with MMCX or 2-pin connectors from other brands. For the latter, ddHiFi relies on a patented design, whereby the best possible shielding is achieved. In this way, the manufacturer not only limits the sound, but also shows itself to be flexible in its application.

Technical data

Brand: ddHiFi

Model: BC120A (Forest)

Weight: 20 g

Dimensions: 120 cm


Connector: 2.5 mm balanced straight to MMCX or 2-pin, 24K gold-plated copper

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