ddHifi Mfi06F

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ddHiFi MFi06F Product Information "ddHiFi MFi06F" ddHiFi MFi06F - Lightning to USB-A...
Product information "ddHifi Mfi06F"

ddHiFi MFi06F

Product Information "ddHiFi MFi06F"

ddHiFi MFi06F - Lightning to USB-A Female OTG

ddHiFi was founded in 2017 and stands for Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to DACs and headphones, the manufacturer primarily offers a wide range of different adapters. ddHiFi has set itself the goal of focusing on a concise and short design language, producing user-friendly accessory products and focusing on product material and craftsmanship details, while always keeping costs under control.

The highlights of the ddHiFi MFi06F at a glance:

- High purity and silver plated OCC copper.

- Effective external shielding

- OTG functionality

High quality material and good insulation

The ddHiFi MFi06F is a high quality Lightning to USB-A Female cable. The four conductors used are Teflon insulated and twisted with TPE material. The cable itself is made of 6N silver-plated OCC copper, which guarantees the best possible transmission. Each strand consists of 90 conductors. The MFi06F supports USB OTG (On-The-Go), so it can be combined with a wide range of devices.

Light, mobile and flexible

Weighing only 9 g, the ddHiFi MFi06F is ideally suited for mobile use. It is possible to use audio decoding devices with different connections. USB recording devices can also be connected to the MFi06F. Possible limitations are listed under the technical data. * If you are looking for a Lightning to USB-A Female OTG cable without limitations in transmission quality, you can stop searching at this point.

Technical data

Brand: ddHiFi

Model: MFi06F

Dimensions: 8 cm

Weight: 9 g

Connector: Lightning to USB-A Female

* For connecting to USB-A terminated audio decoding devices (the Lightning connector has a USB OTG function). Use a USB cable to connect to USB-B, Micro USB or USB-C terminated audio decoding devices or USB recording devices. It does not support reading storage devices such as USB flash disks and USB chargers.

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Spezifikationen: Anschlüsse: Lightning OTG und USB-A Buchse...


    • Anschlüsse: Lightning OTG und USB-A Buchse
    • Kabelstruktur: Vier teflonisolierte Leiter sind mit TPE-Material für die Isolierung der äußersten Schicht verdrillt
    • Leitermaterial: Versilbertes OCC, jede Litze besteht aus 90 Leitern
    • Kabellänge: 8cm
    • Gewicht: ca. 9 g


    • Zum Anschließen an USB-A-terminierte Audio-Decodierungsgeräte (der Lightning-Anschluss verfügt über eine USB-OTG-Funktion).
    • Mit einem USB-Kabel können Sie eine Verbindung zu USB-B-, Micro-USB- oder USB-C-terminierten Audio-Decodierungsgeräten oder USB-Aufnahmegeräten herstellen.
    • Es unterstützt nicht das Lesen von Speichergeräten wie z.B. USB-Flash-Disks und USB-Ladegeräte.
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