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ddHiFi TC35B - This is how practical a USB DAC can be The USB-DAC ddHiFi TC35 in summary: On...
Product information "ddHifi TC35B 2021"

ddHiFi TC35B - This is how practical a USB DAC can be

The USB-DAC ddHiFi TC35 in summary: On one side USB Type-C connector, on the other side a 3.5 mm jack output. The result is one of the smallest USB DACs ever with 384/32 kHz/bit. And all of this is packed into a valuable and robust steel housing.
The highlights of the ddHiFi TC35 at a glance:

    A practical companion - converts from USB to 3.5 mm jack
    Real conversion artist - Processes up to 32 bit and 384 kHz
    Wide compatibility - works with many smartphones and tablets
    Full control - Smartphone control according to CTIA standard

The fastest connection - Direct from USB-C to 3.5 mm jack

ddHiFi TC35 in focus

Smartphones and tablets are getting thinner and thinner. Often, this also leaves no room for an analogue jack connection and thus the possibility of simply listening to music via headphones.

Now you can either swap your beloved headphones for Bluetooth headphones or take a look (and listen) to the ddHiFi TC35. This converts directly from USB Type-C to 3.5 mm jack and provides musical accompaniment both at home and on the go.
From simple to Hi-Res - the ddHiFi TC35 can handle it all

ddHiFi TC35 on the laptop

The integrated digital/analogue converter processes music with a maximum resolution of 32 bits and 384 kilohertz. Start the app, select the music and press play. That's all it takes.
Wide device support - compatible with Android, iOS and more.

ddHiFi TC35 on your smartphone

In addition to broad support for iOS* and Android* devices via USB OTG, you can of course also use the ddHiFi TC35 on your laptop, PC and Macbook.

Simply install the driver and let the fun begin.

*Compatibility cannot be guaranteed, as the software on smartphones and tablets is constantly changing.
You set the pace - controllable via CTIA headsets

ddHiFi TC35 with headphones

Because the USB DAC is built to CTIA standards, if your headphones have a built-in microphone and CTIA-standard remote control, you can use them to make phone calls and control music playback when connected to the TC35*. It can be so simple.

*As of June 2020, volume control is not supported on Apple headphones.

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    Modellbezeichnung: ddHiFi TC35 Marke: ddHiFi

Modellbezeichnung: ddHiFi TC35
Marke: ddHiFi
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