Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon

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AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon – The ultimate listening experience The highlights of the...
Product information "Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon"

AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon – The ultimate listening experience

The highlights of the AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon at a glance:

  • Over-Ear-Design - High wearing comfort and best sound
  • Semi-open construction - Maximum protection and minimum sound impact
  • Biomimetic grill - The best of both worlds
  • Earcups made of "liquid wood" - Natural material for natural sound
  • Useful accessories included - The perfect companion

Over-ear design provides lasting sound quality

World off, music on. That's what we expect when we put on headphones. Listen to music in complete relaxation and peace.

The over-ear construction keeps the world out, because the headphones achieve a high level of shielding against external noise while at the same time providing a pleasant wearing comfort. The ear is pleasantly wrapped in protein leather (imitation leather, no animal had to suffer for it) made earcups, which in addition to shielding against external noise also ensure that the music stays where it belongs: In your ear.

Semi-open construction combines all advantages in itself

The semi-open design is considered by headphone manufacturers and lovers to be the top class in headphone construction.

The advantages of an open design (plastic, three-dimensional sound) are combined with the characteristics of closed headphones (high shielding against external noise and protection of the sensitive drivers).

The carbon version of the NightHawk has been specially optimized for the needs of mobile music listening and therefore cuts a fine figure on almost any music player.

Biomimetic grid construction ensures safety and good sound quality

Whether open or semi-open, the headphone drivers must be protected against external damage. As a rule, this is done using a plastic or metal grille or wire mesh. The problem here is that these protective grilles are two-dimensional and always reflect part of the radiated sound back onto the driver, thus influencing the sound. Standing waves and discolorations are the problem.

But what if the grille was designed three-dimensionally?

That's exactly what AudioQuest did with its headphones, designing the grid in the form of a three-dimensional butterfly wing. The sensitive components of the headphones are not only protected by this design, which can only be achieved with elaborate 3D printing, but the sound emitted by the headphones is also cleverly scattered by this construction, so that only a minimum of residual sound is reflected back onto the driver (in fact, this effect cannot be completely avoided).

The result: Excellent, natural sound as it was recorded.

Liquid wood - organic material for natural sound

Since AudioQuest's headphones are inspired by loudspeaker design, no exception has been made for the cabinet. Instead of plastic or other commonly used materials, liquid wood is used. Real wood is mixed with recycled fibres, heated, liquefied and processed in such a way that it can then be cast into shape. This results in an organic, natural sound on the one hand and on the other hand the headphones are much more environmentally friendly than many others.

Listen to music without a guilty conscience.

Reasonable scope of delivery completes the headphones

In addition to a high-quality synthetic leather carrying case for the headphones themselves, this case also includes the corresponding cable with 3.5 mm jack connector and integrated microphone plus adapter to 6.3 mm jack, as well as a cleaning cloth to keep your headphones looking good for a long time. The whole thing is rounded off by two pairs of ear pads, so that you have long and enduring fun with your new headphones.

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