7Hz Timeless AE

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  • HL02117
7HZ TimelessAE     New 14.2 mm planar HiFi in-ear headphones...
Product information "7Hz Timeless AE"

7HZ TimelessAE

  •     New 14.2 mm planar HiFi in-ear headphones
  •     Double-sided array N52 magnet and ultra-thin diaphragm
  •     Stunning blue colour theme
  •     CNC aluminium housing
  •     3-in-1 upgrade cable with standard 0.78mm 2-pin connector
  •     Balanced cable with interchangeable connectors
  •     3.5mm / 2.5mm /4.4mm jack plugs included
  •     Lightweight and comfortable

14.2 mm planar driver

7HZ has kept the driver configuration for this edition of the Timeless AE the same as the OG model, with a few changes in the bass range. The 7HZ Timeless AE lives up to its name with its ultra-thin cone and lightweight cabinet. Everything feels like nothing, but everything. Here, time is within your grasp. Selected 14.2 mm planar drivers and a unique structure ensure a fast response, excellent dynamic range and outstanding frequency characteristics.

Stunning blue colour design, exquisite craftsmanship

Instead of the black theme on the earcups, the shells now have a stunning blue theme that looks bright and vibrant. Each headphone shell is made from a whole piece of aerospace-grade aluminium that has been CNC machined and given a tough oxidation treatment to the highest standard. It is durable and wear resistant. The evenly placed soundtrack faceplate is like an infinity pool - timeless sound from here.

Improved cable

7HZ Timeless AE has also received an upgrade in the cable department. It now has interchangeable connector plugs. This allows users to swap out the connector plugs as needed. The package includes 3.5 mm SE, 4.4 mm Bal and 2.5 mm Bal connector plugs. The cable has a standard 0.78 mm 2-pin interface. The inner core is made of single-crystal copper and silver-plated single-crystal copper, while the outer layer is made of silver foil. The detachable feature also ensures future upgradeability and you can design your own headphones.

Light weight and comfortable to wear

The earphones weigh only 5 grams each. They won't feel heavy on your ear even after wearing them for a long time. The ergonomic design ensures ultimate wearing comfort at all times. This pair of earphones is the ideal choice for work and home.

Array of N52 magnets, powerful and dynamic

Timeless uses a double-sided N52 magnet array and an ultra-thin diaphragm to achieve higher fidelity, natural, loose and balanced sound, and transparent sound quality.

Driver 14.2 mm planar driver

Impedance 14.8 Ohm

Sound pressure level 104dB/1Khz

Frequency range 5-40000hz

Distortion factor <0.2%/1KHZ

Connection 0.78mm 2-pole

Nozzle diameter 5 mm

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