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7HZ Legato 7HZ Legato
7Hz Legato Dual Dynamic Driver headphones IEM with N52 magnet, CNC aluminium cabinet, detachable OCC 0.78mm 2pin cable 12mm woofer + 6mm tweeter/midrange for Dual Dynamic Driver setup Unique crossover with 8 audio-grade tantalum...
€109.00 *
7Hz Timeless AE 7Hz Timeless AE
7HZ TimelessAE New 14.2 mm planar HiFi in-ear headphones Double-sided array N52 magnet and ultra-thin diaphragm Stunning blue colour theme CNC aluminium housing 3-in-1 upgrade cable with standard 0.78mm 2-pin connector Balanced cable...
€259.00 *
7Hz Salnotes Zero 7Hz Salnotes Zero
7HZ Salnotes Zero HiFi 10mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphone -10mm Dynamic Driver With Metal Composite Diaphragm -Ergonomic Shape&Metal Housing -Detachable High Purity OFC Cable -N52 Magnet, Fine Tuning Revolutionary 10mm Dynamic Driver...
€24.90 *
7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko 7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko
7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko 14.6mm Planar Diaphragm Driver In Ear Earphone -Salnotes Dioko-14.6mm Planar Driver IEM -7Hz x Crinacle Tuning -N55 Magnet, Double-sided Array -Fine Tuned CNC-Machined Aluminum Shell -Tempered Glass &...
€109.00 *
7Hz Timeless 7Hz Timeless
7Hz Timeless Magnetostatic IEM Adopts Double-sided Array N52 Magnet and Ultra-thin Diaphragm 1 4.2mm Planar Driver CNC Aluminum Shell Detachable MMCX Cable Lightweight and Comfortable 14.2mm Planar Driver 7HZ Timeless is truly living up...
€229.00 * €259.00 *